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Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel

News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Female scientists looking at a monitor in a laboratory.FREE Webinar
Sample Prep: Advancing Cancer Research with Tools for Liquid Biopsy

July 10, 2024 — SIGN UP HERE

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Many cancers can be cured if detected early and treated effectively. Cancer detection and treatment are based on biomarker analysis from a patient tumor sample, called tissue biopsy. As a minimal invasive option complementary to traditional biopsies, liquid biopsies enable discovery of highly specific and sensitive biomarkers and can be used for dynamic and timely monitoring of tumor progression. The three major types of biomarkers being isolated and analyzed in liquid biopsy are circulating tumor cells (CTCs), extracellular vesicles, and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Learn more and register.

Lab technician looking at molecular D=designs P=pre-plated assays with breakaway designFREE Webinar
New Tools for Stool: Targeted use of multiplex syndrome GI molecular PCR Testing

July 17, 2024 — SIGN UP HERE

Stool culture and microscopy have long been the mainstay of diagnosing gastrointestinal (GI) infections. However, these traditional methods can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and microscopy requires highly skilled and experienced technologists for accurate results. Recent advancements in molecular testing offer promising alternatives. Multiplex PCR offers a faster, more targeted approach for identifying gastrointestinal (GI) pathogens. While this novel technique can potentially reduce labor requirements, they can be limited in their ability to detect a broad range of pathogens and may require specific sample types that could hinder broader adoption.

This webinar will explore the scientific principles behind multiplex PCR and its applications for the identification of various GI pathogens. Learn more and register.

Lab technician looking at molecular D=designs P=pre-plated assays with breakaway designFREE Webinar
Applications in Cancer Research: RNA Isolation from Organoids and Spheroids

July 24, 2024 — SIGN UP HERE

Traditional 2D cell cultures often fall short in mimicking real-world biology. But 3D models like organoids and spheroids offer a game-changing approach, allowing researchers to delve deeper into complex biological processes in a physiologically relevant context. This free webinar, sponsored by ThermoFisher Scientific and hosted by Dark Daily, will demonstrate how researchers can advance their research using innovative RNA extraction methods for organoids and spheroids.

Join us to learn more about how organoids and spheroids are revolutionizing cancer research, offering a powerful 3D approach to drug discovery, disease modeling, and more. Learn more and register.


Female scientists looking at a monitor in a laboratory.FREE Webinar
Maximizing Appeal Success: Latest Trends in Lab & Pathology Claim Denials

Aired June 5, 2024 — Stream On Demand

In this webinar, we will share the latest data on clinical, molecular and pathology denial and appeal trends and provide insights on a strategic appeals process designed to help laboratories save time and boost success rates. We’ll also share best practices for quantifying the revenue resulting from improving appeals success.. Learn more and register.

Reimbursement Strategies for Denials Management: To Appeal or Not to AppealFREE Webinar
How to Keep Your Clinical Laboratory’s Quality Control Plans on Track

Aired May 22, 2024 — Stream On Demand

Laboratories are required by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) regulations to have a quality control process to monitor the accuracy and precision of their testing process. Individualized quality control plans (IQCPs) are an option that allows laboratories to develop a QC process specific to their unique testing environment and patient population. This webinar will review the elements of an IQCP and discuss best practices in developing IQCPs, while going over practical examples from the clinical laboratory.. Learn more and register.

Reimbursement Strategies for Denials Management: To Appeal or Not to AppealFREE Webinar
STIs and Resistant Organisms: Causes, Prevalence, Treatments and Tests

Aired April 10, 2024 — Stream On Demand

Join us for a comprehensive review of the causes and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections and the tests and treatments care teams can use to detect STIs and resistance markers. During the event, we take a critical look at epidemiologic data to illustrate the scope of STIs across time and among populations. Learn more and register.

Reimbursement Strategies for Denials Management: To Appeal or Not to AppealFREE Webinar
Maximizing Financial Outcomes: Data-Driven Strategies for RCM Workflow Prioritization

Aired April 17, 2024 — Stream On Demand

In this webinar, we explore how understanding historical data on payments, denials, payor activities, and denial types can strategically position RCM teams for improved collections and resource utilization. Join us to discover how data-driven decision-making can revolutionize revenue cycle management processes and drive financial success. Learn more and register.

Reimbursement Strategies for Denials Management: To Appeal or Not to AppealFREE Webinar
Reimbursement Strategies for Denials Management: To Appeal or Not to Appeal?

Aired March 27, 2024 —Stream On Demand

Don’t miss this webinar, which is hosted by Dark Daily and sponsored by TELCOR. In this webinar, our panel of experts will guide participants through the process of responding to reimbursement claim denials, from identifying potential appeals to assessing their likelihood of success. Join us to learn best practices and strategies to maximize revenue and avoid appeals pitfalls. Learn more and register.

validating molecular assays, laboratory developed tests, LDTFREE Webinar
The Triple Threat: Has it changed since the last respiratory season?

Aired February 28, 2024 — Stream On Demand

Since the pandemic, there has been a triple threat of SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus during the respiratory seasons. Distinguishing between the three based on symptoms alone can be challenging, as they share common clinical manifestations, so diagnostic tests, including PCR and rapid antigen tests, have become crucial for accurate identification. While last year’s “tripledemic” brought a surge of influenza and RSV cases in addition to SARS-CoV-2 – how does this year’s respiratory season compare? Learn more and register.

validating molecular assays, laboratory developed tests, LDTFREE Webinar
New Solutions in Laboratory Supply and Logistics Management that Cut Costs, Improve Compliance, and Boost Revenue

Aired February 21, 2024 — Stream On Demand

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar, which is hosted by Dark Daily and sponsored by 1health. This enlightening session is tailored for laboratory administrators and supply chain managers who are keen on transforming their operations for the better. Learn the art of compliantly managing kitting, supply ordering, and supply fulfillment for physician clients. Delve into the realm of software solutions designed to digitize manual kitting practices, optimizing reimbursement processes. This essential webinar will feature established industry experts Christopher Hill, Principal Product Manager at 1health, and Nate Rickard, Chief Technology Officer at Thorne. They bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table, promising insights that can reshape how you manage your laboratory’s physician office supply chain. Learn more and register.

validating molecular assays, laboratory developed tests, LDTFREE Webinar
From Market Access Through Reimbursement: Your Playbook to Maximize Revenue and Cash Flow

Aired December 12, 2023 — Stream On Demand

Join us for a Dark Daily Webinar to gain insight into the optimal playbook that will enable your organization to: Ways to solidify market access and payor coverage. How to automate the RCM workflow, including exception processing and denials management. Strategic appeals management approaches that reduce administrative burden and increase success rates. Where to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline complex processes and accelerate reimbursement.Learn more and register.

validating molecular assays, laboratory developed tests, LDTFREE Webinar
Best Practices in Molecular Assay Validation for Laboratory-Developed Tests

Aired November 8, 2023 — Stream On Demand

This free, 60-minute webinar with live Q&A will explain validation requirements as defined by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP). In addition, our distinguished presenter, Kenneth Gavina, PhD, D(ABMM),SM(ASCP), of Eskenazi Health and the Indiana University School of Medicine will review best practices in designing and performing validation studies, as well as review quality control methods of molecular LDTs and their reagents. Learn more and register.

cancer cells breast cancer management liquid biopsy researchFREE Webinar
Precision Oncology: Potential of Liquid Biopsy to Enhance Tumor Profiling Capabilities in Breast Cancer Management

STREAM ON DEMAND — Stream On Demand

Join Karen Page, PhD, of the Leicester Cancer Research Centre in the UK for learnings from the Shaw laboratory’s research in precision oncology. This free webinar with live Q&A will focus on progress and outcomes of the Shaw lab’s next-generation sequencing applications, including an important breast cancer management pilot study. Learn more and register.

multiplex PCR testingFREE Webinar
Validating a Multiplex STI Panel With Non-Invasive Sample Types: Unleash the Potential

Aired September 27, 2023 — Stream On Demand

Join Vijay Singh, PhD, for key concepts in validating a multiplex STI panel as a laboratory developed test and more. Singh leads the development of molecular tests for pathogen and disease targets for Denton, Texas-based HealthTrackRx. This free webinar with live Q&A will focus on adapting to and validating a single assay for four commonly requested STI tests, using two separate PCR platforms and non-invasive sample types. Learn more and register.

AI in lab molecular diagnostic pathology practice workflowFREE Webinar
Unlocking RCM Potential: How AI Is Shaping Revenue Cycle Management Workflow

Aired September 20, 2023 — Stream On Demand

Operating in an environment of ever-changing payer policies, revenue cycle management leaders of clinical laboratories, molecular diagnostic providers, and pathology practices may need to consider workflow changes now. Learn what it means and how it works for determining where to focus your AI efforts in the RCM workflow. Learn more and register.

prevent financial losses due to Z-codesPREMIUM Webinar
Essential Guide to Obtaining Z-Codes for Molecular and Genetic Tests

Aired June 29, 2023 — Buy Now On-Demand

UnitedHealthcare’s recent announcement of a new Z-Code policy for molecular diagnostic test claims leaves many genetic and molecular testing labs at immediate risk for denials as of October 1st. Labs that do not have Z-Codes for their tests must take immediate steps to complete technical assessments and other requirements. Learn more from Gabriel Bien-Willner, MD, PhD, Medical Director of MolDx and Chief Medical Officer of Palmetto GBA, the firm tasked with the Z-Code implementation; Valerie Collier, MS, CGC, who leads ARUP Laboratories in its participation in MolDx and submitting technical assessments; and Kyle Fetter, Chief Operating Officer at XiFin, Inc., who works with clients to successfully bill molecular and genetic tests and resolve denials. Learn more or buy now.

Dark Daily Blood Culture Contamination Webinar July 2023 FREE Webinar
Blood Culture Contamination: Leveraging IPs to Improve this Critical Lab Quality Metric

Aired July 26, 2023 — Stream On-Demand

This free webinar, sponsored by Magnolia Medical Technologies, supports lab professionals, infection preventionists (IPs), and clinicians in their blood culture contamination quality improvement initiatives. This webinar will draw from the experiences of IP professional and quality improvements and dispel potential myths about blood culture contamination. Learn more and register.

digital pathologyFREE Webinar
Digital Pathology Implementation Strategies

Aired May 10, 2023 — Stream On-Demand

Experts will focus on the business-side foundation, implementation requirements of digital pathology service and workflow, and lessons learned through years of consultation, use case development, and implementation. Learn more.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Learning from Payer Behavior to Increase Appeal Success

Aired March 29, 2023 — Stream On-Demand

Use this webinar to understand payer behavior, including recent trends in denials and appeals by payer, for planning revenue cycle management process improvements.

FREE Webinar

Advances in Diagnostic Testing for the Bacteria, Viruses, and Parasites Behind Infectious Gastroenteritis

Aired March 23, 2023 — Stream On-Demand

This webinar is a must attend program for lab managers and administrators who recognize the challenges of infectious gastroenteritis testing.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Three Clinical Laboratory Trends Not to Misjudge: Genetic Test Reimbursement, Staffing Shortages, and Major Reforms to CLIA

Aired March 1, 2023 — Stream On-Demand

A free clinical lab intelligence webinar brought to you by the publishers of The Dark Report and Dark Daily. Recognizing the implications of three important trends in 2023.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Leading Your Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Management Groups Through “The Great Resignation”

Aired November 15, 2022 — Stream On-Demand

Our new, free webinar will reveal three leadership fundamentals that new lab leaders can use to inspire their teams.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Pharmacogenomics: Leveraging Capacity to Expand Your Molecular Laboratory Capabilities

Aired October 26, 2022 — Stream On-Demand

This webinar explores how laboratory technology, science, implementation models, and economic proof points have all achieved deployable maturity for PGx labs.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Expanding Molecular Diagnostic Market Share, Patient Access, and Physician Engagement: Critical Success Factors for Maximizing Test Volume and Reimbursement

Aired September 28, 2022 — Stream On-Demand

This webinar delivers practical approaches, process enhancements, and payer strategies essential to growing novel diagnostic market share through proactive, purposeful, and technologically enabled engagements with patients, physicians, and payers.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Post-COVID Pivot: How to Expand Your Network for Doctor Referrals, Know What Tests Are in Demand Now, and Actually Get Paid for the Work You Do

Aired September 15, 2022 — Stream On-Demand

To help hospital and lab leaders understand how to pivot to new revenue streams after COVID, this new webinar hosted by Dark Daily focuses on the top business-critical issues.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Next Step for Molecular Diagnostics and Antimicrobial Resistance: How to Maximize Advanced Technology in the Lab

Aired September 14, 2022 — Stream On-Demand

This is an opportunity for clinical laboratory directors and managers to better understand how to work collaboratively with physicians and pathologists to improve their antimicrobial stewardship interventions and protocols. 

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Improving Sepsis Diagnosis and Management: The Lab’s Role in Enhancing Patient Care from Arrival to Discharge

Aired August 31, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

Walk with our experts through a patient journey example—following a sepsis patient through the ED and ICU, until they are discharged—where we reveal laboratory processes that can proactively provide physicians with lifesaving information in a more timely manner.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Improving Clinical Lab Performance: How Lean Six Sigma Methods Help Eliminate Waste, Save Money, and Increase Productivity

Aired Thursday, August 18, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

Join us to learn how Lean Six Sigma contributes to a continuous improvement culture that enables laboratory directors and pathologists to maintain higher quality services while operating in a financially sustainable way.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

New Tactics for Hiring Traditional and Specialized Clinical Laboratory Roles

Aired Thursday, June 23, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

For clinical labs and anatomical and clinical pathology group directors looking to fill open, high-demand positions, it may be time to take action beyond just beefing up salaries. This new 60-minute webinar will bring constructive strategies for dealing with the labor shortage problem in the lab industry.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Leverage AI to Protect the Integrity of Your Laboratory’s Revenue Cycle

Aired Wednesday, June 8, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

Dark Daily will host a new 60-minute webinar that will feature revenue cycle leaders who have leveraged advanced AI/ML to identify revenue performance and compliance opportunities, while proactively addressing and remediating financial issues that all labs face.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Optimizing Efficiency in Clinical Microbiology Labs: Steps to Avoid Unnecessary Tests Through Diagnostic and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Aired Tuesday, May 24, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

Dark Daily will host a new 60-minute webinar that will review the quality improvement (QI) project of a 425-bed academic medical center. We will examine the impact of a 90% reduction in blood culture contamination rates and the direct effect on antimicrobial stewardship efforts which resulted in a 31% reduction in vancomycin days of therapy (DOT).

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Pre-Analytical Improvements for the Sake of Analytical Nirvana

Aired Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

Dark Daily will host a new 60-minute webinar that will be of interest to clinical laboratory leaders pursuing sample/specimen integrity assurance and courier efficiency.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Breaking News on Trends and Denials Involving Lab Test Claims

Aired Wednesday, April 6, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

This free 60-minute webinar will cover the latest trends in denials and appeals; review best practice tactics for achieving successful appeals; and learn the payer policies to keep in mind to maximize your appeals success.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Changing Clinical Laboratory Billing Operations Through AI and Advanced Data Automation

Aired Thursday, January 27, 2022 | Free — Stream On-Demand

This free, 60-minute webinar will bring valuable insights and best practices from relevant use cases where labs used advanced automation, AI, revenue process automation (RPA), and other next-generation technology for revenue cycle management. 

Dark Daily webinar


What Lab Leaders Need to Know: Data Security Agreements, Surprise Billing, EKRA, AKS, CURES Act, and More

Aired Thursday, January 20, 2022 | $195 — Stream On-Demand

Get a better understanding of the new year’s fast-moving legal, regulatory, and compliance challenges facing the clinical lab industry and protect your practice from unnecessary risk with this 90-minute webinar featuring experts from the law firm McDonald Hopkins, LLC.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Pharmacogenomics: Data and Innovation to Deliver Precise and Appropriate Medication Use

Aired Thursday, December 9, 2021 | FREE — Stream On-Demand 

This 60-minute webinar will help you understand the impact of pharmacogenomics (PGx) in prescription prescribing and evaluate the technical challenges and limitations associated with scaling it. The session will also explore PGx solutions that can be easily implemented in your laboratory.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

The Practical Impacts of the No Surprises Act on Laboratories, Diagnostic Providers, and Specialty Physician Groups

Aired Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | FREE — Stream On-Demand

Surprise billing remains a hot topic in Washington. It occurs when patients unknowingly receive either emergency or non-emergency care from an out-of-network provider. The webinar also touches on the importance of providers having the capability to provide an accurate estimate of a patient’s financial responsibility at the time of service.


Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Roundtable Discussion of Digital Pathology Adoption Across Key Functional Areas: Diagnostic Pathology, Education, and Research

Aired Thursday, October 7, 2021 | FREE — Stream On-Demand

Want to transform your clinical, research, and educational practices with digital pathology? Attend this webinar to learn from healthcare industry experts and get your questions about how and when to implement a digital pathology strategy answered. 

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Accelerating Lab Order Connectivity for Measurable ROI: Support for Multi-Lab Networks

Aired Wednesday, October 6, 2021 | FREE — Stream On-Demand

The purpose of this webinar is to explain the current landscape and growth of clinical laboratory testing networks and what it means for clinical, anatomic, specialized and esoteric testing.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Making Your Business Case for Digital Pathology Adoption

Aired Wednesday, September 15, 2021 | FREE — Stream On-Demand

The purpose of this webinar is to help pathologists and laboratory management build the tools necessary to digitally transform pathology at their institutions.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Advancements in UTI Testing: A Multi-omics Approach to Maximizing the Flexibility of Your Molecular Testing Laboratory

Aired Wednesday, August 25, 2021 | Stream On-Demand

This webinar will compare the clinical utility of genotypic and phenotypic methods in the treatment of UTIs and describe how a multi-omics approach could be implemented in a laboratory.

Dark Daily webinar

Premium Webinar & Special Report Toolkit

Getting Paid for Genetic Test Claims Toolkit for Clinical Labs: What’s Changing, What’s Not, and What’s Working Best

August, 2021 | $290 — Order Now

Together, this webinar & special report will help you and your lab team better align coding, billing, and collection steps in ways that directly generate more paid genetic test claims, thus bringing in more revenue.

Dark Daily webinar


Ransomware Protection & Response for Clinical Labs, Hospitals, and Pathology Groups: Effective Steps for Protecting Your LIS, EHR, and Other IT from an Encryption Attack

Aired Thursday, August 19, 2021 | Purchase On-Demand

This webinar is a must-listen—not only for you, but for everyone in your hospital, health system, or clinical laboratory that will be working to prevent a ransomware attack or involved in restoring digital services following such an attack.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19 Testing: A User’s Experience Addressing the Unpredictable Testing Demand of Clinical Laboratories with the Scalable, High Throughput Amplitude Solution

Aired Wednesday, July 28, 2021 | Stream On-demand

During this free webinar, two medical laboratory leaders from University of Colorado Hospital will share how they were able to quickly meet the COVID-19 testing demands of their healthcare community through their early adoption of Thermo Fisher’s Amplitude Solution.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Best Practices for Launching Profitable, Efficient NGS Tests for Hereditary Risk

Aired Wednesday, June 23, 2021 | Stream On-demand

This webinar looks at effective strategies for selecting and implementing appropriate tertiary analysis tools and setting up scalable interpretation workflows, which are critical to the success of clinical NGS programs.

Dark Daily webinar


Clinical-Grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Your Pathology Lab: What’s Ready Now, What’s Coming Soon, and How Pathologists Can Profit from Its Use

Aired Thursday, June 17, 2021 | Purchase DVD or on-demand

This webinar aims to help pathologists and lab executives understand artificial intelligence, its many available configurations, what’s on the horizon, and how your lab can profit from it.

Dark Daily webinar

FREE Webinar

Identifying SARS-CoV-2 Mutations: A Microarray Multiplex Alternative to Next Generation Sequencing or q-RT-PCR for Rapid COVID-19 Variant Identification

Aired Wednesday, June 16, 2021 | Stream on-demand

This webinar explores various options for clinical lab directors, researchers, and public health officials to quickly and cost-effectively identify novel variant strains to mitigate their risks. We will look at which are the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions.

Dark Daily webinar


Adopting Digital Pathology on a Budget: Getting Started, Knowing What’s Feasible, and Funding Your DP from Overlooked Sources

Aired Thursday, May 27, 2021 | Purchase DVD or on-demand

This webinar aims to help budget-minded pathology groups understand the different paths to digital pathology in daily practice. It will help you understand what’s new and different in digital pathology, whole slide imaging, and automated digital image analysis and how to bring digital pathology to your lab.

Dark Daily webinar


Getting Paid for COVID-19 Test Claims: Prepare for Audits, Maximize Reimbursement, and Navigate New Payer Trends

Aired Wednesday, May 19, 2021 | Purchase DVD or on-demand

There are many reasons why clinical laboratories will either not be paid for COVID testing or, more likely, will be paid, but later face post-payment audits that result in the recoupment of some payments. This webinar will help your lab avoid medical necessity, maximize COVID-19 test reimbursement, and navigate emerging payer trends.

Free Magnolia webinar

FREE Webinar

Strategies for Laboratory Professionals to Drive Lab Stewardship to Reduce Cost, Eliminate Waste, and Improve Patient Care

Aired Wednesday, May 5, 2021 Stream on-demand

Achieving the aims of higher quality and lower cost depends on the lab community taking a central role in improving effective test utilization. This free webinar explores the implementation of laboratory stewardship to increase effective test use, decrease costs, and improve patient care.

Free Magnolia webinar

FREE Webinar

How Hospitals and Health Systems Can Prepare to Meet a New Blood Culture Contamination Benchmark

Held Wednesday, April 28, 2021 — Stream on-demand

Blood culture contamination significantly impacts patient care and hospital costs in hospitals nationwide. Thirty-five to 50% of positive blood culture results indicating sepsis are false positives due to contamination at the time of collection. This webinar provides an evidence-based solution and best practices to make immediate improvements at their hospitals.

Free Ovation webinar

FREE Webinar

Life After COVID: Positioning Your Lab for Success in a Post-Pandemic World

Held Wednesday, March 31, 2021  — Stream on-demand

How does your lab begin to prepare itself to succeed in a post-pandemic world? Start your plan now to navigate the transition. Attend this complimentary webinar and hear the ways in which your lab’s current testing can create assets for the future, and how you can best position your lab for success in a post-pandemic environment by leveraging your diagnostic data as a strategic asset.


OPENTEXT webinar

FREE Webinar

Emerging SARS-CoV-2 Mutations: Impact on Thermo Fisher Scientific Assay Performance

Held Wednesday, March 24, 2021 — Stream on-demand

You can immediately download for free and tune into this essential webinar to learn the important clinical implications (epidemiological, prognostic, and predictive) of new COVID-19 “variants of concern,” the importance of early detection of these variants, and steps your lab can take to confidently detect the COVID-19 virus with a very high degree of specificity and sensitivity, given new variants.

OPENTEXT webinar

Dark Daily PREMIUM Webinar

Prepare Your Clinical Lab for Double the Regulatory, Compliance, and Managed Care Risk in 2021: The Simultaneous Need to Deal with COVID-19 and Routine Testing Activities

Held Thursday, December 10, 2020 | $195 — Stream on-demand

Prepare your lab now for what will be a dynamic and fast-changing compliance and regulatory environment in 2021. Hear from nationally-recognized attorneys who will alert you to coming changes and recommend risk-mitigation steps to be taken now to ensure full compliance with all the new developments—both with COVID-19 testing and with standard clinical laboratory services.

OPENTEXT webinar

FREE Webinar

Improving Laboratory Data Exchange and Providing Enhanced Support to Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Customers

Held Wednesday, December 9, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Learn more about how your clinical laboratory can best serve the senior care segment, gain insights into the most effective and efficient ways to connect to and support long-term care customers, hear new ways to grow and retain your lab business.

Sunquest webinar

FREE Webinar

Pooled Testing: What Your Lab Needs to Know About Managing a Fall/Winter Surge in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Held Wednesday, December 2, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Gain a clear understanding of when it makes sense to implement pooled testing, specifically for COVID-19, understand the potential benefits of pooled testing, as well as learn the important features to look for when selecting pooled testing workflow technology.

XIFIN webinar

FREE Webinar

Taking Control of Your Laboratory Logistics: Best Practices and Innovative Technology for Hospital and Independent Reference Labs 

Held Wednesday, October 28, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Gain valuable insights into transformational technologies that are solving one of the most complex logistics challenges that labs face today: controlling the “final mile” in same-day and next-day delivery, and understand why focusing on direct cost savings from carriers as the sole opportunity to improve is not an adequate solution.  

XIFIN webinar

FREE Webinar

Practical Approaches to Diagnostic RCM Digital Transformation That Can Increase Client Engagement and Profitability

Held Wednesday, October 21, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Gain valuable insights into the practical applications of digital transformation and learn about the most effective ways your lab can address manual and tedious processes, improve patient experience, and boost your financial bottom line. 

Thermo Fisher webinar

FREE Webinar

Using Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support to Maximize Your Lab’s Value and Improve Patient Care

Held Wednesday, September 16, 2020 — Stream on-demand

An expanding test catalog, vast literature and broader reach of non-specialist providers such as primary care physicians and physician extenders means that the demand for lab expertise at point of order will continue to increase. Register now and learn about opportunities that should not be missed in order for your lab to show value and positively impact standardization of care—ensuring that patients get the right test at the right time for the right reasons. 

Thermo Fisher webinar

FREE Webinar

Leveraging IT for Your Laboratory Outreach Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Held Wednesday, September 2, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Learn how the right suite of applications can empower your lab through technology, help you tailor your outreach program to your lab clients, and as a result improve market share with an efficient and effective outreach strategy. 

Thermo Fisher webinar

FREE Webinar

Solving Common Hematopathology Testing Challenges with Next-Generation Sequencing

Held Wednesday, August 12, 2020  — Stream on-demand

Learn how next-generation sequencing can complement your existing laboratory workflows while providing a powerful new approach for rapidly generating comprehensive molecular data, as well as enabling your lab to realize greater efficiency, reduced TAT, and increased sensitivity and specificity.

Precipio technology webinar

FREE Webinar

Start and Scale COVID-19 Testing with Essential Tools that Support the Business and Workflow of Your Lab

Held Wednesday, July 22, 2020  — Stream on-demand

Take away from this webinar a clear understanding of how your lab can rapidly ramp up its COVID-19 testing, offer the right support for the right tests (RT-PCR, serology) and effectively serve physician customers, while maintaining adherence to security and compliance requirements.

Covid-19 Webcast Series

FREE Webinar

Achieving High Confidence Levels in the Quality and Accuracy of Your Clinical Lab’s Chosen COVID-19 Serology Tests, featuring James Westgard, PhD

Held Thursday, June 11, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Your clinical lab has chosen the COVID-19 serology test it will buy and offer to physicians, patients, and employers. Now your lab team must succeed with the challenging process of validation, in order to have high confidence that the test results are accurate, reproducible, and appropriate for use in patient care. Join us as the Westgards share essential insights and recommendations on the validation and daily production steps your lab should use with its choice of a COVID-19 serology test.

Covid-19 Webcast Series

FREE Webinar

Quality Issues Your Clinical Laboratory Should Know Before You Buy or Select COVID-19 Serology Tests

Held Thursday, May 21, 2020  — Stream on-demand

Serology Testing of COVID-19 brings new risks for clinical labs because not all COVID-19 tests will produce accurate, reproducible test results. This webinar will help you identify and purchase only the best-performing test kits.

FREE Webinar
Streamlined Operations, Increased Revenue, Higher Quality of Care: Conclusive Evidence on the Value of Adopting Digital Pathology in Your Lab

Held Wednesday, May 13, 2020 — Stream on-demand

In this era of increasingly personalized medicine, understanding the transformational power of digital pathology is critical. It also couldn’t be timelier as labs navigate the global pandemic and look to digitization to support their remote workforces.

FREE Webinar
How to successfully lead your lab through the legislative and regulatory landscape of COVID-19

Held Wednesday, April 22, 2020  — Stream on-demand

This webinar will provide a comprehensive and action-oriented understanding of legal and regulatory strategies necessary to effectively operate during the COVID-19 emergency. Specific insights that can be used by clinical, HR, financial, and IT leadership to implement compliant and effective actions to address the multiple challenges facing their lab or practice will be covered.

FREE Webinar
What Hospital and Health System Labs Need to Know About Operational Support and Logistics During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Held April 1, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Hear the lessons learned by labs who are effectively handling the logistics of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be briefed on the pitfalls others have encountered and how to avoid them, get up-to-speed on the diagnostics, the latest with respect to the regulatory environment, how labs are dealing with limited availability of testing components and transport media, how they are using instrumentation already in place and automating for shorter TATs, and much more.

Dark Daily Webinar

Make Your Lab Assessment Ready in 2020: Know the Most-Common Deficiencies in Accreditation and Certification and What to Expect

Held February 25, 2020 | $195 Stream on-demand

Learn about new deficiencies now being found in labs—and primary pitfalls to avoid—according to the CAP, COLA, and CMS. This is must-know, expert guidance to help your lab take a proactive, preventive role in 2020 to avoid unwelcome publicity, and loss of reimbursement or even certification!

FREE Webinar
How to Make Your Lab an Asset Instead of a Liability: What Innovative Health Systems are Doing to Place Their Labs in a Position of Strength

Held February 12, 2020 — Stream on-demand

Take away from this webinar fresh insights into the innovative approaches health systems are employing to ensure their labs are an asset to the health system, rather than a liability. Learn to identify additional value in our lab across key areas , define options to execute and deliver on your lab’s enhanced value, and much more!

FREE Webinar
How to Maximize your Laboratory’s Valuation When Preparing for a Sale: Key Steps from a Business and Legal Perspective

Held January 29, 2020 — Stream on-demand

You’ll take away from this webinar an essential grasp of how to create the ideal team of advisors, how to market your lab, how to understand the LOI and due diligence process, the definitive purchase agreement, tax structures, earnouts, what is involved in the closing, and much more!

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What Lab Leaders Need to Know to Prepare for 2020:  Bracing for Aggressive Payor Audits, Rigid Enforcement of Fraud and Abuse Laws, and More

Held November 20, 2019 — Order now

In 2020, commercial and government payors will continue to advance programs and policies that impact laboratory operations and financials. If your lab is to effectively adjust to new approaches, it’s crucial that you are informed on the latest trends now!

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When Your Clinical Lab’s Billing Should Move from a Function to a Strategy: Lessons from the Biodesix Experience

Held September 18, 2019 — Stream on-demand

During this free webinar, Biodesix will share key considerations made by their lab leadership, and lessons learned as they tackled their lab’s reimbursement challenges and evaluated the steps and strategies necessary to most effectively optimize billing processes and create new areas of opportunity!

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How to Assess the Potential of Your Hospital or Health Network Lab During This Era of Declining Lab Reimbursement, Integrated Care Models, and Personalized Medicine

Held August 28, 2019 | $195  — Order now

A must-attend for every member of the hospital, health system, or lab team responsible for the research and consideration of emerging laboratory business models such as joint ventures, affiliations, and partnership models. You’ll get answers to the tough questions plus the knowledge necessary to make the decisions right for your laboratory to enhance patient care, and enable fiscal responsibility and ongoing financial success.

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Proposed Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Lab’s Revenue and Preserve Profitability

Held August 8, 2019 | $195 — Order now

As a laboratory leader, you need a superior understanding of the scale of the blood culture contamination problem. Hear about why the 3% national benchmark for blood culture contamination is insufficient for patients and their care providers, the profound effect that blood culture contamination has on patient care and lab costs, plus best practices and evidence-based solutions to efficiently and effectively impact this serious issue!

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Evidence-Based Technology to Reduce Blood Culture Contamination, Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs in Your Clinical Lab or Hospital

Held July 23, 2019 — Stream on-demand

As a laboratory leader, you need a superior understanding of the scale of the blood culture contamination problem. Hear about why the 3% national benchmark for blood culture contamination is insufficient for patients and their care providers, the profound effect that blood culture contamination has on patient care and lab costs, plus best practices and evidence-based solutions to efficiently and effectively impact this serious issue!

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Listen. Learn. Lead. Uncover Ways YOU Can Position Your Lab as a Strategic Pillar of the Healthcare Organization

Held June 19, 2019 — Stream on-demand

Opportunities may be limited to demonstrate your lab’s enterprise value proposition as it relates to the overall strategic direction of the organization. How do you demonstrate your lab’s value in a way in which the healthcare organization leadership understands, or cares? This FREE webinar focuses on strategies that will elevate both your AND your lab’s value within the organization!

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Using Lab 2.0 to Combat Opioid-use Disorder: Lessons Learned and What Comes Next in Improving Patient Outcomes and Cost of Care

June 12, 2019 | $195 — Order now

Learn valuable skills and techniques your lab needs to move beyond Lab 1.0, and to identify measures for new, Clinical Lab 2.0 value-based initiatives! Use these tools to most efficiently assist doctors, pharmacists, and providers to tackle the opioid crisis and more, and to implement responsible, effective, outcomes-based treatment plans.

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Supporting Integrated Patient Care by Moving Tests Out of the Core Lab and into Physicians’ Offices: Lessons from HealthPartners’ Experience

Held May 29, 2019 | $195 — Order now

Gain a vital understanding of how better integrated service for patients can be achieved by moving key tests into the physician’s office, plus best practices from an industry expert on how to implement a plan that keeps results moving and leads to better and faster treatment of patients!

Are You Ready for EKRA? What You Need
to Know Now About How this New Legislation
Affects Your Lab

Held April 24, 2019 – Streaming Download

The scope of EKRA and its related enforcement risk is still unknown. While these issues become clearer, you and your lab staff need the latest updates, and to examine your lab policies and practices to determine if changes are necessary to comply with the new law. Educate yourself and your staff, better understand the law’s complexities, and ensure that your lab stays in compliance and avoids fines and punishment!

Boost Your Advanced Technology Laboratory’s Revenue Through the Effective Use of Data Analytics

Held March 27, 2019 – Streaming Download

Explosion of the molecular and esoteric testing program industry means that a large number of laboratories are now offering these testing services, or are at least considering it.

Using effective data analytics can provide certainty behind your decisions and provide the basis for engagement of senior management on investment opportunities, based on facts—rather than assumptions or a gut feeling—which translates to better and more reliable decisions.

PAMA in 2019: What Labs Need to Know to Collect Data, Report on Time and Avoid $10,000 per day Penalties

Held February 20, 2019 – Streaming Download

Recent changes made to PAMA regulations in the last few months mean that many more hospital and other labs must now report their PAMA private payer price data to Medicare. These revisions to reporting requirements and fees will dramatically affect all laboratories!

In fact, your laboratory or organization faces considerable risk if not compliant with the latest PAMA requirements, with continuing adjustments and proposals to the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule carrying far-reaching budget implications. The most current understanding of PAMA’s impact is crucial!


Performance Coaching and Management Observations to Improve Productivity and Efficiency: Strengthening the Skills of Management to Execute a Lean Lab Transformation

Held January 16, 2019 – Streaming Download

Performance coaching and management observations are a proven method and a powerful tool to strengthen the knowledge of your staff, encourage their success, and ensure a sustainable and lasting Lean execution in your organization.

The coaching skills you learn during this webinar will enable you to equip your staff with the skills to themselves serve as Lean champions, and to work together with lab leadership to develop the laboratory framework necessary to achieve ongoing and lasting improvement!


Make Your Lab Assessment Ready in 2019: Know the Most-Common Deficiencies in Accreditation and Certification

December 13 @ 1pm EST – Order DVD

Learn about current payer audit, precertification and other trends financially impacting labs, the principal legal theories being pursued by payers, how to implement an effective response to these trends, and much more.

What lab leaders need to know to prepare for evolving payer behavior, audits, programs and policies

Learn about current payer audit, precertification and other trends financially impacting labs, the principal legal theories being pursued by payers, how to implement an effective response to these trends, and much more.


Pathology Webinar Dark Daily

The Pathway to Driving Valuation for Your Laboratory: Your Roadmap to Achieving Success, and How to Sustain Growth Despite a Changing Lab Environment

Regardless of whether your lab is in a buying or selling mode—or just preparing for what the future may hold—this timely webinar will provide you with the essential insights you need to increase revenue and operating margin, and effectively maximize your laboratory’s value!


Laboratory Certification and Accreditation: The Joint Commission, COLA Discuss the Most Common Deficiencies and How Labs Should Prepare for Coming Changes

This webinar is the second of a two-part series. Compliance with CLIA and other regulations is getting tougher and more complex. Many labs report that assessments and CLIA inspections of their labs are becoming more rigorous, which has sent them scrambling to respond to the unexpected deficiencies identified during these inspections. Featuring accreditation experts from The Joint Commission and COLA, you’ll hear about their organizations’ list of the Top 10 Deficiencies identified during lab assessments over the past year, and how to prepare your clinical lab stay up-to-date with the latest developments!


Laboratory Certification and Accreditation: CAP & A2LA Discuss the Most Common Deficiencies and How Labs Should Prepare for Coming

Compliance with CLIA and other regulations is getting tougher and more complex. Many labs report that assessments and CLIA inspections of their labs are becoming more rigorous, which has sent them scrambling to respond to the unexpected deficiencies identified during these inspections.

To help CLIA-certified clinical laboratories stay up-to-date with the latest developments, Dark Daily is presenting two special webinars that will give participants access to representatives from all four primary accrediting bodies with deeming authority from CMS to accredit clinical laboratories to the requirements of CLIA.

This webinar, part one of the two-part series, features accreditation experts from the CAP and A2LA. Hear their organization’s list of the Top 10 Deficiencies identified during lab assessments over the past year, and how to prepare your lab!

Newly-Available Medicare Utilization and Price Data for Pathology: Why It’s Important to your Lab and How to Use it to Boost Revenue and Pathologist Compensation

This is a must-attend session for every pathologist and practice administrator! It deals with the reality of today’s tough marketplace for pathology services and will deliver the knowledge you need to help your lab preserve revenue, enhance pathologist income, and expand market share. Learn best strategies on how other pathology practices are dealing with payer prior-authorization programs, successful navigation of payer audits, and managing narrow networks and much more!

pathology diagnostic management teams

Using Diagnostic Management Teams to Add Value with Clinical Laboratory Tests and Pathologists’ Expertise

Diagnostic Management Teams are gaining respect as an effective way for pathologists and clinical laboratory leaders to engage clinicians in ways that directly improve patient outcomes while avoiding unnecessary costs. Best of all, such teams are an effective way for medical laboratories to contribute value as reimbursement shifts to global payment, capitation, or other forms of value-based remuneration to providers. The power of a diagnostic management team (DMT) comes from the fact that it is organized specifically to improve the diagnostic accuracy of a specific disease or health condition. Each DMT brings together pathologists, other lab experts, and physicians with clinical expertise in that field to interpret patient-specific test results in a precise clinical context that includes relevant data in that patient’s medical record. Interest in DMTs is so high that last year’s first annual Diagnostic Management Team Conference in Galveston, Texas, was completely sold out, with more than 250 attendees from throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Recognizing the high interest, as well as the high value, in DMTs, Dark Daily is presenting a special new webinar.

Lab legal issues 2018

Tougher Lab Regulations and New Legal Issues in 2018: More Frequent Payer Audits, Problems with Contract Sales Reps, Increased Liability for CLIA Lab Directors, Proficiency Testing Violations, and More

Looking forward into 2018, Medicare Part B clinical laboratory price cuts are not the only big story. Other significant threats can upend your laboratory, such as tougher payer audits with higher recovery demands or new federal and state regulatory rules that increase the personal liability of CLIA lab directors and lab executives. The list of regulatory, compliance and managed care threats that must be addressed by clinical labs and pathology group practices in 2018 is lengthy. Each comes with the potential of government sanctions, exclusion from provider networks, large recoupment demands, and greater risk for individual liability of lab directors and lab managers that can include jail time, sizeable fines, and exclusion from federal health programs. As 2018 fast approaches, these are reasons why savvy clinical lab executives, pathologists serving as medical directors of CLIA-licensed labs, and their financial and legal advisors need to come up to speed on the most serious regulatory, compliance, and managed care contracting issues confronting all labs today. Order this webinar now for the critical information you need!

how clinical laboratories can avoid the denial loop

Unique Ways to Partner with Payers to Be Paid for Clinically-Necessary Tests: How to Avoid the Denial Loop

The current insurance reimbursement system for laboratory testing has significant issues, such as decision making that is too far removed from the patient, overprocessing (including dual systems of preauthorization), and tremendous variation between insurance companies regarding medical, administrative, and payment policies. These and other problems lead to conflicts between insurers, health systems and patients. During this all-new webinar, you will get important updates about the current issues plaguing laboratory testing insurance reimbursement systems, and from an expert faculty, learn about specific collaborative strategies that provide potential solutions for your clinical lab.

Digital Pathology

Primary Diagnosis with Digital Pathology Systems and Whole Slide Images: What Every Pathologist Needs to Know, Why It Will Be Disruptive, and How Innovative Pathology Groups Are Already Making Money with DP

Speedy adoption of digital pathology systems and WSI can give your pathology group considerable competitive advantage. It can mean stronger relationships with referring physicians, more case referrals, expanded market share, increased revenue, and greater pathologist compensation for you and your colleagues. In these financially-stressful times, those are wonderful outcomes and they do help preserve and increase your annual income. That’s why it’s important for you to order this indispensable webinar today!

What lab needs to do to prepare for deep Medicare cuts

Deep Medicare Fee Cuts Are Coming to your Clinical Laboratory in 157 Days: What You Must Do Now, Why Congress Might Intervene, and Action Steps to Protect Your Lab’s Financial Integrity

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are preparing to implement deep cuts to the Part B Clinical Laboratory Test Fee Schedule. Those cuts happen on January 1, 2018. During this webinar, Lâle White of XIFIN will share the findings from her company’s analysis of the 300 million lab test claims that they process each year. This is the actual private payer price data XIFIN’s clients reported to CMS earlier this year. White will help you understand how CMS will use this data to cut the prices for specific tests, along with how your lab can model its test mix to predict how the lab fee cuts will lower your lab’s revenue next year. Next, Julie Scott Allen, who represents NILA, will give you an up-to-the-minute report on how the clinical lab profession is negotiating with CMS to moderate the coming lab fee cuts. She will also provide you with an update on issues in Congress that affect clinical laboratories, including efforts by leading elected officials to change how CMS is preparing to use the PAMA rule to cut Part B lab test fees.

Boosting value of lab testing services

Simple, Swift Approaches to Lab Test Utilization Management: Proven Ways for Your Clinical Laboratory to Use Data and Collaborations to Add Value

Lab test utilization is probably the number one topic in the clinical lab industry today, and this important webinar has much to teach. Get the firsthand insights your lab needs to provide care pathways that improve test utilization, and to identify the right elements to measure so as to demonstrate improved patient care and ultimately lower the overall cost of care.

Preparing your lab for audits

Preparing Your Lab Company or Hospital for Big Changes in Revenue Recognition Standards and Audits by Your CPA Firm

There’s a major challenge about to confront every public and private lab company that prepares its financial statements according to generally-accepted accounting principles (GAAP). It is the substantial change in revenue recognition standards and this change may cause a measurable downward adjustment in your lab company’s reported financial results. This is the first webinar learning opportunity that explores the requirements of FASB ASC 606-Revenue Recognition Standard as it applies to clinical laboratory companies, diagnostic firms, and other types of molecular, genetic, and pharmacogenetics testing enterprises. The requirement becomes effective on a rolling timeline that starts in 2017. Many lab company executives and their accounting teams have yet to take necessary steps to comply with the new requirements of Rule 606. There are also a substantial number of lab executives whose private lab company follows GAAP in their financial reporting, but who remain unaware of the new requirements of Rule 606. Don’t be one of the lab executives to make a costly mistake—failure to comply in a timely manner can have major consequences—learn more about this indispensable webinar!

patient centric lab services

Delivering Patient-Centered Lab Testing Services: Elevating the Lab Order with Patient-Centric Repository and New Informatics Tools to Increase Lab Revenue and Support Clinicians for Better Clinical Outcomes

It’s now possible for your medical laboratory to increase revenue specifically because your lab helps physicians achieve better patient outcomes! This is great news particularly if your lab is seeking ways to offset price cuts and shrinking budgets. The secret is to offer patient-centric lab testing services. Great news is that becoming a patient-centric laboratory is not complicated, nor is it time-consuming. Each step forward in becoming a patient-centered lab can generate substantial amounts of new revenue. Learn more about this webinar, and gain indispensable insights to help you implement this powerful trend that can contribute not only to greater revenue, but also to improved reimbursements at your lab.

molecular genetic lab test success

What Molecular and Genetic Testing Labs Need to Know to Succeed with Commercialization of Their Precision Medicine Products

Confronted with shrinking budgets and falling revenue, lab managers are doing the rational thing by putting more resources into cutting costs, improving staff productivity, and reducing errors. But many approaches to reducing a lab’s cost are band-aids—temporary ‘solutions’ to deeper problems that cost the lab big dollars, and which go unrecognized and unmeasured. Find out what may not be working in your lab, and hear from the experts the secrets of delivering high quality, while achieving significant cost savings!