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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Newly-Available Medicare Utilization and Price Data for Pathology: Why It’s Important to your Lab and How to Use it to Boost Revenue and Pathologist Compensation

Webinar – Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 1 PM EST

Attention pathologists and pathology practice administrators! Take effective action to position your group for financial success!

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The single biggest challenge confronting pathology group practices today is the need to boost revenue and increase compensation for individual pathologists. This is why shrewd pathology groups make managing revenue their number one priority, using smart strategies to expand their market share.

Increasing pathology group revenue and improving pathologist income are the key themes of this upcoming 90-minute Dark Daily webinar entitled “Newly-Available Medicare Utilization and Price Data for Pathology: Why It’s Important to your Lab and How to Use it to Boost Revenue and Pathologist Compensation,” being presented Wednesday, March 7, at 1 PM EST.


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During this webinar, you’ll hear from two respected experts in pathology group consulting. First up will be Mick Raich, President and CEO of Vachette Pathology in Blissfield, MI. Raich will share the best strategies his pathology group clients are using regarding payer prior-authorization programs, successful navigation of payer audits, and managing narrow networks.

On the topic of in-office pathology, Raich will discuss how payers are beginning to institute policies that restrict or totally deny the ability of urologists, GIs, and others to operate an anatomic pathology lab in their practice and get paid for those claims. This is a new development and Raich has up-to-the-minute updates that you’ll want to hear.

Raich will cover relevant policy/reimbursement/coverage changes within federal Medicare and certain state Medicaid programs that are important for you to know and respond to. In addition, he’ll share the experiences his client pathology groups are having with the increased number of bundled payment arrangements. This is valuable information as your pathology lab begins to develop a strategy for justifying its share of bundled payments. Finally, Raich will provide the latest updates on MACRA and MIPS.

Next to speak is Robert H. Tessier, Senior Reimbursement Consultant at HBP Services in Woodbridge, CT. Tessier’s presentation will cover topics in 4 crucial areas:

New Developments in Hospital Contracts with Physicians
In answer to the question, “are the fees being charged “usual and customary?”, Tessier will explain how the Medicare utilization/payment data now will allow you to set a competitive fee schedule and demonstrate the “U & C” aspect by identifying how much pathology groups in your city/state are charging, and using that data to establish fair prices with your hospital—pricing you will be able to support as being reasonable compared to the highest-priced pathology groups in the region.

How to expand network status with multiple payers
In recent years, health insurers have been narrowing their networks and excluding the higher-priced labs. Tessier will again show you how to use the Medicare utilization/payment data, in this example to establish a competitive fee schedule, then use that information to negotiate with different/multiple health insurers to become a contract, in-network pathology lab provider.

Winning patients with transparent, competitive prices
With ever-larger numbers of patients having high-deductible health insurance policies, it is now critical for pathology groups to have transparent prices that they can show to patients prior to service. Tessier will explain a pricing strategy you should be using with HDHP patients and—once again—how to leverage the Medicare utilization/payment data to position your group as the best value in lab testing for these HDHP patients.

Tessier will provide an example of how a web search for a specific path group displayed results that told the reader that “this path group’s rates are 30% above the average in your area!” This is a new wrinkle in price transparency to which you and your practice administrators need to be prepared to respond.

Boosting your pathology group’s revenue and partner income
And one more time the Medicare utilization/payment database is a vital part of the discussion! In this segment of the presentation, Tessier will reveal the price range, low-to-high, for AP services in 8-10 different regions of the U.S. This is data that has never been available before now, and will prove to be a revelation for you and your practice administrators!

All of this guarantees that you will get a webinar packed with new and essential information, designed to be immediately actionable.

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DATE:                        Wednesday, March 7, 2018

TIME:                         1 PM EST; 12 Noon CST; 10 AM PST

PLACE:                     Your computer and/or speakerphone

COST:                        $195 per site (unlimited attendance per site) through 3/02/18, $245 thereafter

Register now for this important webinar and learn these secrets to a truly successful pathology practice

This is a must-attend session for every pathologist and practice administrator. It deals with the reality of today’s tough marketplace for pathology services and will deliver the knowledge you need to help your lab preserve revenue, enhance pathologist income, and expand market share.

Register now to ensure your team’s place at this exceptional learning event, and get ready to hear about an exciting range of brand-new success strategies for your pathology group!

How to Register:

  1. Online
  2. Call 512-264-7103

Your registration includes:

  • A site license to attend the webinar (invite as many people as you can fit around your conference table at no extra charge)
  • A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference
  • The opportunity to pose specific questions, and connect directly with the speakers during the audience Q&A session

Register Now! Or for more information, call us at 512-264-7103.


Mick Raich, President and Chief Executive Officer Vachette Pathology – Blissfield, MI.

Mick Raich is the founder of Vachette Pathology. He is a nationally recognized consultant in the business of pathology and laboratory billing. His easy style and get-it-done personality have allowed him to become the industry leader in this field.

Robert H. Tessier, Senior Reimbursement Consultant HBP Services, Inc. – Woodbridge, CT.

Robert Tessier earned a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in 1972, at UNC in Chapel Hill.  For the first decade, most clients were radiology groups, including large academic medical centers. In 1982, he was retained by the Pathology Chair at Cornell/New York Hospital to establish the first private practice in NYC and was also engaged to set up fee for service at Yale Pathology. On behalf of the CT Society of Pathologists, Bob coordinated initial third party negotiations. Today, he actively manages many successful pathology groups.

His consulting focus is hospital support for Part A services and negotiates these payments both for pathologists and hospital systems.  Bob has also participated in more than 200 third party contracts. Under his direction, creative deals have been developed with physician office labs that allow pathologists to bill globally. By setting up a separate entity, clients have been able to maximize income for PCCP billing. Bob is also retained by hospitals to study the fair market value of technical services and routinely performs billing system audits for Pathologists.