Life After COVID: Positioning Your Lab for Success in a Post-Pandemic World



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The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has had a profound impact on clinical laboratories. Across the globe, labs have been forced to rapidly adapt as the volume and breadth of testing dramatically shifted to support COVID-19 diagnostics. A 50-60% decline in the flow of routine specimens and revenues has been noted as higher value tests were paused or replaced with COVID-related diagnostics.

But with the introduction of vaccines from companies like Pfizer and Moderna, COVID testing at current volumes won’t last forever. As these testing volumes decrease, there’s no guarantee that higher value tests will fill the void at the same rate.

This presents an even larger challenge looming on the horizon: How does your lab begin to prepare itself to succeed in a post-pandemic world?

Start your plan now to navigate the transition by attending this complimentary webinar with follow-up Q&A. Jamie Platt, CEO of BRIDGenomics, joined by Andrew Warren, Senior Associate at Third Rock Ventures and Barry Wark, CEO of Ovation, will share their insights and discuss ways in which your lab’s current testing can create assets for the future—and how you can best position your lab for success in a post-pandemic environment by leveraging your diagnostic data as a strategic asset.

Attend this 60-minute program, and you will:

  • Learn how a new population of COVID patients will accelerate drug discovery and drive life-science companies to find new, more integrated ways to collaborate with their laboratory partners
  • Discover how this new relationship will rapidly increase demand for data and follow-on molecular testing
  • Understand the practical steps your lab needs to take now in order to take advantage and leverage your COVID-19 sample data as a strategic asset, including systems and processes that need to be in place and more

    Now a Streaming Webinar!

Who should attend?

  • ANY laboratory that is doing COVID-19 testing
  • Molecular laboratory owners and managers
  • Academic medical centers

Your registration includes:

  • A site license to attend the webinar. Invite as many members of your team as you would like!
  • The opportunity to pose specific questions, and connect directly with the panel during a Q&A session


 Now a Streaming Webinar!

FACT: COVID will fundamentally change how life-science companies develop new drugs.

FACT: 10-25 Million Americans have or will get long-haul COVID, which will drive the creation of a new class of therapeutics dedicated to reducing the symptoms.

FACT: To address the changes brought on by COVID as well as the creation of a large new patient population, drug companies will be driven to find new ways to leverage existing real-world data and to accelerate drug development.

FACT: A large percentage of those with severe COVID present comorbidities. As a result, follow-on studies will need to be conducted to confirm the fidelity of biomarkers used to identify and monitor the treatment of these diseases, as well as discover new, more accurate indicators.

It is urgently important for labs doing high-volume COVID testing to begin thinking about the samples they collect as strategic assets and how they can be leveraged to support the above needs.



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Your Panel:

Jamie Platt, PhD

Jamie Platt, PhD, MB (ASCP)
CEO and Founder
BRIDGenomics, LLC
Cambridge, MA


Platt has more than 15 years of leadership in next generation sequencing and clinical diagnostics. She has propelled and directed a global $4.7 billion Fortune 500 diagnostics provider into the emerging genomics market through adoption of NGS technology, spearheaded the development and validation of the first NGS-based HIV test for a large commercial reference lab, and increased revenue by $1 million within six months of launch. Platt has a strong track record of building NGS-based genomics programs with FDA-aligned, design control development QMS, and ISO 15189 readiness for growth from clinical into pharma services markets.


Andrew Warren, PhD

Andrew Warren, PhD
Senior Associate
Third Rock Ventures
Cambridge, MA

Warren identifies and researches life-science projects with the aim of building companies that can drive the future of preventative medicine. Prior to joining Third Rock, Warren was the principal scientist and product development lead at Glympse Bio, a company focused on developing diagnostics designed to enable earlier, noninvasive detection and monitoring of disease through proprietary nanoparticles that interrogate the body for certain disease states. Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from MIT and a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.


Barry Wark, PhD

Barry Wark, PhD
Cambridge, MA

Wark is co-founder and CEO of, a clinical-informatics company focused on redefining the role of molecular laboratories in delivering better healthcare. Prior to founding Ovation, Wark spent years as a researcher studying neural adaptation while completing his Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of Washington. It was there that Barry became fundamentally frustrated with how laboratories manage data, believing that labs have valuable insights to share but lacked the tools to mobilize all of the idle data they collect. It was from that experience the idea for Ovation was born.