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2021 Clinical Lab & Pathology Directory of Products and Services

Are you searching for laboratory or pathology products or services? Dark Daily invites companies and consultancies that offer clinical laboratory and pathology products, services, and technologies to list their resources within this directory. We continually update this page with new vendor offerings to help save you time—cutting through the clutter of endless web searches and making it easier for you to research and compare offerings from a variety of sources. Be sure to bookmark this lab resources directory and check back often!

Clinical Laboratory & Pathology Products

Many disruptive events continue to actively reshape healthcare and the laboratory marketplace. That includes changes in how conferences, trade shows, and local meetings are conducted—including the disruptive shift from live events to virtual events. Restrictions on access to hospitals and lab facilities make it difficult for sales reps from lab suppliers to call on clients and prospects. Listings below are organized to provide clinical lab managers and pathologists with time-saving information about the analyzers, automation, tests, and related supplies available for purchase.

Digital Pathology Systems, Scanners, and Image Analysis Products

Instruments and Automation

LIS Middleware and Information Systems

Laboratory Quality Management Software

Clinical Laboratory & Pathology Consultants

Clinical labs and pathology groups often need outside expertise for various reasons. Our directory offers valuable information about some of the nation’s most proficient large, small, or one-person consultancies—sorted by the categories below—together in one place to aid you in locating and retaining the best consultant for your needs.

Coding/Billing/Collections & Revenue Cycle Management Systems Consultants

Operations and Lean/Six Sigma Consultants

Sales and Marketing Consultants

COVID-19 Product Resources

There is a lively and always-changing demand for COVID-19 tests, both for rapid molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2 and serological tests for the novel coronavirus. The listings below link to the product details and contact information for the manufacturers and distributors of these products to help you assess which tests may be appropriate for your laboratory.

VT Trading, LLC: Nasopharyngeal Flocking Swab

Database of All COVID-19 Tests with FDA EUAs: This page contains the following two tables:

TABLE 1: Includes information about authorized SARS-CoV-2 molecular diagnostic tests. These EUAs have been issued for each individual test with certain conditions of authorization required of the manufacturer and authorized laboratories. (Source: FDA.gov)

TABLE 2: Includes information for the high-complexity, molecular-based, laboratory-developed SARS-CoV-2 assays authorized by this Umbrella EUA during the COVID-19 public health emergency.