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Molecular Testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 2020 Update on Clinical Utility and Reimbursement Trends

Molecular tests are becoming more routine as diagnostic tools, with many now covered by Medicare and commercial insurers. Advantages of molecular tests based on PCR technology include their ability to identify uropathogens traditionally missed by culture-based tests.

Driven by urgent, unmet analytical and clinical care needs, the adoption of the rapid molecular test—particularly RT-PCR for urinary tract infection control and treatment—has important implications.

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Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Test Stewardship: The Financial and Clinical Impact of Clinical Decision Support in Hospital Laboratories

This white paper – the third in a three-part series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare – provides frontline perspective and commentary from experts and physicians on the application and value of decision support in the laboratory. It also includes early-adopter proof points from hospital laboratories that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to achieve their stewardship goals, including EHR interventions and ongoing monitoring of utilization.

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Translating Clinical Laboratory Science Into Business Objectives: How an Educational Program Measured and Analyzed Performance and Transformed the Approach to Improving Laboratory Operations

Now more than ever before, clinical labs are under pressure to operate efficiently, accurately, and timely, all while still making money. Doctors and patients have come to expect a 24-hour turnaround for most tests. Clinical labs throughout the United States have been slashing budgets, many literally to the point of no return. At least 13 public health labs in four states have shuttered since 2003, which posed a serious problem when COVID-19 hit because resources did not meet demand.

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Australia Launches Pilot Preventative Cancer Screening Program That Offers Low-cost DNA Genetic Testing to Healthy Adults Between Ages 18 to 40

Studies into use of population-level genomic cancer screening show promising results while indicating that such testing to find evidence of increased cancer risk among non-symptomatic people may be beneficial In another example of a government health system initiating...

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Researchers in Germany Sequence Genome of Bubonic Plague Bacteria Taken from Remains of Man who Lived More than 5,000 Years Ago

Advancements in genetic sequencing continue to enable microbiologists and genetic scientists to explore the origins and mutations of deadly diseases Microbiologists and researchers can now study the gene sequence of 5,000-year-old bubonic plague bacteria. The...

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OIG Report Finds Management Deficiencies at VA Hospital Kept Alcohol-Impaired Pathologist on the Job

VA Office of Inspector General recommends changes in management processes after doctor is sentenced to long federal prison term In a compelling report, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that a host of management...

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CDC Announces Presence of Rare, Tropical Illness in Three Non-adjacent States and Genetic Testing Indicates There May Be a Common Source of Exposure

Microbiologists will want to take note of the CDC’s statement that the illness can masquerade as other diseases It is the latest example of a bacterium uncommon in the United States that has infected patients in this country—one of whom has died. The three infected...

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On-demand Video Service Hulu Gets Underway on TV Miniseries Documenting Rise and Fall of Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Six-episode show is based on popular ABC Radio podcast “The Dropout,” which focused on the three-year investigation that brought down clinical laboratory test developer Theranos While former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes awaits the start of her August 31 criminal...

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Cancer Researchers Use Astronomy Analysis Algorithms to Develop Platform for Locating and Examining Predictive Biomarkers in Tumors

Yet another example that technologies from non-medical fields continue to find their way into anatomic pathology and clinical laboratory medicine Anatomic pathologists and medical laboratory scientists may soon have new tools in the fight against cancer, thanks to...

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Swiss Researchers Develop a Multi-omic Tumor Profiler to Inform Clinical Decision Support and Guide Precision Medicine Therapy for Cancer Patients

New biomarkers for cancer therapies derived from the research could usher in superior clinical laboratory diagnostics that identify a patient’s suitability for personalized drug therapies and treatments In another advancement toward accurate precision medicine, Swiss...

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US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Million Veterans Program Receives Its 125,000th Whole Human Genome Sequence from Personalis Inc.

As many clinical laboratory scientists know, gene sequencing technology continues to become faster, more accurate, and less expensive per whole human genome sequenced In February, Dark Daily reported that Personalis, Inc. (NASDAQ:PSNL) had delivered its 100,000th...

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Australian Company Launches At-Home Genetic Test in the US That Claims to Identify a Person’s ‘Risk’ for Contracting the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. But What Science Supports the Test’s Ability to Accurately Assess Risk?

Since all Americans have access to free COVID-19 vaccines, many pathologists and clinical lab managers will ask if this test is even necessary. Some experts say “maybe” Here’s another example of genetic test developers who are willing to push boundaries and sell a...

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Executive War College on Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Management Returns in November with Emphasis on New Clinical and Financial Opportunities

Following a nearly two-year disruption due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, pathologists and clinical laboratory professionals once again have an opportunity to gather and learn from each other It is good news that the daily number of new cases of COVID-19 continue...

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