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Molecular Testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 2020 Update on Clinical Utility and Reimbursement Trends

Molecular tests are becoming more routine as diagnostic tools, with many now covered by Medicare and commercial insurers. Advantages of molecular tests based on PCR technology include their ability to identify uropathogens traditionally missed by culture-based tests.

Driven by urgent, unmet analytical and clinical care needs, the adoption of the rapid molecular test—particularly RT-PCR for urinary tract infection control and treatment—has important implications.

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Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Test Stewardship: The Financial and Clinical Impact of Clinical Decision Support in Hospital Laboratories

This white paper – the third in a three-part series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare – provides frontline perspective and commentary from experts and physicians on the application and value of decision support in the laboratory. It also includes early-adopter proof points from hospital laboratories that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to achieve their stewardship goals, including EHR interventions and ongoing monitoring of utilization.

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Translating Clinical Laboratory Science Into Business Objectives: How an Educational Program Measured and Analyzed Performance and Transformed the Approach to Improving Laboratory Operations

Now more than ever before, clinical labs are under pressure to operate efficiently, accurately, and timely, all while still making money. Doctors and patients have come to expect a 24-hour turnaround for most tests. Clinical labs throughout the United States have been slashing budgets, many literally to the point of no return. At least 13 public health labs in four states have shuttered since 2003, which posed a serious problem when COVID-19 hit because resources did not meet demand.

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Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital Laboratory

This white paper—part 2 of a three-part series— provides practical pearls on how a proven decision support solution and one that is a good fit for your lab can be the foundation of an effective laboratory stewardship program, and can greatly assist in controlling utilization and meeting the challenges of value-based care. As well, the paper also clearly explains the points for “buy versus build” laboratory decision support.

Choosing the right decision support solution will empower your lab and hospital leaders, clinicians, and staff with more time to focus their core competencies on the provision of healthcare. Learn what you need to know by downloading this FREE whitepaper now.

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Latest E-Briefings

Academic Institutions Still Rely Heavily on COVID-19 Symptom-Checking Technology Despite Questions About Its Usefulness

A New York Times report suggests that frequent testing is still the best approach to controlling spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus Many colleges and universities go to great lengths to screen their students for signs of COVID-19 using technologies that include...

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Federal Government Study Shows EHR Interoperability at All Time High as 55% of Hospitals Report Robust Data Exchange

But information blocking remains a barrier to complete information exchange, creating ongoing issues for clinical laboratories and pathology groups Interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs) remains one the biggest challenges for clinical laboratories and...

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Cigna Subsidiary Evernorth Acquires MDLIVE as Demand for Telehealth Grows Among Insurers and Healthcare Consumers

COVID-19 pandemic has elevated virtual care into the mainstream, creating opportunities to increase access to care, including clinical laboratory testing, and drive down healthcare costs As the COVID-19 pandemic fuels demand for virtual healthcare, Cigna is acquiring...

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Google Health and Ascension Are Piloting A Cross-Platform EHR Search Tool That Helps Physicians Locate and View Patient Data, Including Clinical Laboratory Test Results

‘Care Studio’ is designed to give physicians a ‘single, centralized view’ of patients’ records that are spread among multiple disparate databases within a healthcare system Lack of interoperability between electronic health records (EHRs) has been a thorn in the side...

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How Will Clinical Laboratories Collect Samples if Telehealth Replaces Traditional Doctor’s Office Visits?

COVID-19 has made telehealth an important tool. New technologies may help clinical laboratories collect blood samples ordered by physicians treating patients remotely Even before COVID-19, telehealth services were gaining in popularity. But the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic...

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AHA Expresses Opposition to Merger between UnitedHealth Group’s OptumInsight and Change Healthcare, DOJ Agrees to Look into the $13B Deal

Clinical laboratory information would be part of a “massive” transfer of data that may affect medical decision-making ‘to the detriment of consumers and healthcare providers’ the AHA stated in a letter to the DOJ In yet another example of healthcare market...

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OIG Report Indicates Fraudulent Upcoding at Hospitals is More Prevalent than Expected, Recommends More CMS Oversight and Auditing of Medicare Spending

Oddly, as upcoding severity levels have risen, reported higher-severity inpatient hospital stays have dropped, OIG reported Medicare upcoding fraud is a growing problem for the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Now, a report from the US...

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UK Researchers Create Analytical Algorithm That Identifies Patients with Advanced Liver Disease by Analyzing Routine Clinical Laboratory Blood Test Results

By mining results of unrelated blood tests, the CIRRUS algorithm can inform doctors and patients earlier than usual of liver disease For years Dark Daily and its sister publication The Dark Report have predicted that the same type of analytical software used on Wall...

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Wall Street Journal Reports IBM May Sell Watson Health Due to Data Challenges and Unprofitability

Might this be a sign that AI platforms like Watson still cannot diagnose the wide range of patients’ conditions as accurately as a board-certified clinical pathologist? Computer technology evolves so quickly, products often become obsolete before fulfilling their...

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Earnst FEATURED SPEAKERS Dennis J. Ernst, MT(ASCP), NCPT(NCCT) Founding Director
Center for Phlebotomy Education
Dennis J. Ernst, MT(ASCP), NCPT(NCCT) Founding Director Center for Phlebotomy Education Mio, MI
wong md FEATURED SPEAKERS Wes Wong, MMM, MD Director of Clinical Affairs
Dr Wong Quest HC1
Dr. Quinn FEATURED SPEAKERS Bruce Quinn, MD, PhD Principal
Bruce Quinn Associates LLC
Los Angeles, CA
Bruce Quinn, MD, PhD