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How to Create a Patient-centered Lab with Breakthrough Blood Collection Technology: Microsampling takes blood collection out of the clinic

Breakthrough methods in blood collection technology have the ability to expedite your lab’s move to patient-centered care, as well as answer the challenges of changing remote patient requirements. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, an ideal resource for those interested in new microsampling technology—what it is, how it works, and how it can transform your lab.

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How Next-Generation Sequencing Helps Molecular Laboratories Deliver Personalized Medicine Services to their Client Physicians

Personalized and predictive medicine are rapidly becoming a reality. As a result, your clinical diagnostic laboratory’s need for a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to accommodate personalized medicine’s informatics integration and workflow challenges has become vital. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing a detailed discussion on how you can unlock the potential of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology in your lab, and the benefits and contributions it can make to add clinical value and improve patient care.

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The Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Maximizing Revenue & Valuation: Effective Revenue Cycle and Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors

The laboratory business continues to face consolidation and margin pressure, with far fewer independent labs now than just a decade ago. A laboratory’s financial success and valuation is all about top line revenue, profitability, and minimizing risk— elements that can be positively impacted by state-of-the-art revenue cycle management. Oversight of the entire revenue cycle, by conducting a constant and consistent analysis of the front-to-back end revenue processes through specific tools and workflows, can maximize the efficiency and adaptability of all of the components of the revenue cycle process to net the greatest return.

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A Lab Leader’s Guide To Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx)

The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing an enlightening overview of pharmacogenomic testing and how PGx fits into current healthcare goals, a discussion of the obstacles healthcare providers, institutions and clinical diagnostic laboratories face in entering the pharmacogenomic testing market, and examples of how a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service platform can help healthcare providers overcome those obstacles.

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3 Critical Rules for Surviving in 2017: Your Medical Laboratory’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

With less revenue flowing from reimbursements and more consumers footing the bill for diagnostic testing, counterbalancing lost revenue while better serving providers and patients is not an option—it is a must. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, exploring three critical rules innovative medical laboratories must take into account to combat new and drastic changes occurring in the lab industry, and outlining proactive steps that when taken, will serve as the foundation for clinical success in 2017 and beyond.

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UnitedHealthcare Offers Apple Watches to Wellness Program Participants Who Meet Fitness Goals; Clinical Laboratories Can Participate and Increase Revenues

Mobile, wearable, mHealth monitoring devices are a key element of many employer fitness programs and clinical laboratories can play an important role in their success For years Dark Daily has encouraged clinical laboratories to get involved in corporate wellness...

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Many Hospital Laboratories Must Report PAMA Private Payer Clinical Lab Test Price Data as ‘Applicable Labs’ in 2019, But Lack Systems and Expertise for This Task

Medicare officials are including most hospital laboratories in this PAMA data reporting cycle, but hospitals face $10,000/day federal penalties for not filing, filing late, or filing incomplete or inaccurate data Clinical laboratories operated by hospitals and health...

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Implementing a New EHR at the Veterans Administration Is Taking Longer and Costing More than Earlier Estimates

With a now-estimated price tag of $16.1 billion, federal regulators and government representatives question the VA’s replacement for their VistA medical records system Originally estimated to cost $10 billion, a contract to replace the federal Department of Veterans...

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Rural, For-Profit Hospitals Closing at an Alarming Rate Putting Some Independent Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups at Risk

Most of the hospital closures occurred in states that did not expand their Medicaid programs following the Affordable Care Act of 2014 Sustained financial pressure is not limited to clinical laboratories. Rural hospitals are under grave financial pressure as well....

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Customized Cancer Vaccines Based on Individual Patients’ DNA Could Soon Be a Reality, Might Require Diagnostic Support from Anatomic Pathology Labs

Pharmaceutical developers are combining genetic sequencing and precision medicine to create new drug therapies and cancer treatments designed for specific patients Most anatomic pathologists are aware of the rapid advances in the field of cancer...

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Walmart and Home Depot Employ Copay Accumulators to Keep Employee Healthcare Costs Down and Encourage Utilization of Generic Prescription Drugs

While clinical laboratories may not be directly affected by copay accumulators, anything that affects patients’ ability to pay for healthcare will likely impact lab revenues as well Here’s a new term and strategy that some big employers are deploying in an attempt to...

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New CMS Final Rule Makes Clinical Laboratory Test/Procedure Pricing Listed on Hospital Chargemasters Available to Public

Experts are skeptical of the value of public price lists based on hospital chargemasters due to complexity and poor reflection of actual costs In another big step toward helping consumers view prices of medical procedures when selecting providers, the Centers for...

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Yale Study Finds Obtaining Personal Medical Records from Hospitals Can Be Difficult for Many Patients

The researchers also found unnecessarily confusing policies and procedures for requesting medical records, such as clinical laboratory test results Clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience should give...

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Microbiologists Take Note! UPenn Study Using Next-Generation Sequencing Finds Stethoscopes Harbor Vast Amounts of Bacteria, Including Staphylococcus Aureus, Which Causes Deadly Hospital-Acquired Infections

Researchers also found Staph and other bacteria on stethoscopes after they had been cleaned, leading to scrutiny of cleaning agents and methods Microbiologists, anatomic pathologists, and clinical laboratory leaders should be intrigued by a university study which...

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