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The Case of the Missing Mole: When costly Lost or Missing Laboratory Test Samples Instigate Courier Management Redesign

Incidents of lost or missing laboratory test samples carry heavy consequences. Yet, many laboratories find that accountability, reconciliation, and tracking persist as issues. This white paper will be useful for laboratory directors, lab managers, courier managers, logistics managers, and outreach managers—whether in hospital-based laboratories or independent medical laboratories working as outreach labs—who employ and manage couriers in-house.

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Scientists Use Thousands of Genetic Markers to Develop Risk Scores for Six Common Diseases: Findings May Have Implications for Clinical Laboratories

Study demonstrates how precision medicine is advancing because of new insights from the use and interpretation of whole-genome sequencing As part of the Genomic Medicine at Veterans Affairs Study (GenoVA), researchers from Harvard Medical School, Veterans Affairs...

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Maryland’s Statewide Value-Based Payment Models Benefit both Healthcare Providers and Patients

By shifting away from fee-for-service, the state encouraged collaboration between hospitals and physicians to improve care and lower costs Maryland “leads the way” in value-based payment reform, according to a series of articles published in Health Affairs. “The...

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Los Angeles Reaches $26 Million Settlement with Sameday Health and its Contract Doctor Over Alleged Phony COVID-19 Lab Test Results That Put Patients at Risk and Cost Insurers Millions

Company was accused of manipulating clinical laboratory reports from previous COVID-19 tests to forge new results, and sending “negative” test results to patients even though their tests had never been completed National COVID-19 testing chain Sameday Health (a.k.a.,...

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Columbia University Researchers Say New High-Speed 3D Microscope Could Replace Traditional Biopsy, with Implications for Surgical Pathology

Columbia University’s MediSCAPE enables surgeons to examine tissue structures in vivo and a large-scale clinical trial is planned for later this year Scientists at Columbia University in New York City have developed a high-speed 3D microscope for diagnosis of cancers...

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Balwani and Holmes’ Personal Relationship Takes Center Stage in Criminal Trial, Fueling Continued Public Interest in Theranos Fraud Saga

Even as Balwani’s trial moves ahead, Hulu’s miniseries ‘The Dropout’ chronicles the pair’s romance and the company’s downfall while providing controversial subject matter for various media outlets Unlike Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ criminal trial for fraud...

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Researchers Develop ‘Smart’ Microneedle Adhesive Bandage System for Monitoring Sodium, Glucose, pH, and More

Platform could be next breakthrough in quest for painless technology to replace in-patient phlebotomy blood draws for many clinical laboratory tests In a proof-of-concept study, scientists from Israel and China have developed a “smart” microneedle adhesive bandage...

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King’s College London Researchers Discover Causal Link between Blood Type and COVID-19 Severity; May Provide Clinical Laboratories with a Useful Diagnostic Insight

Findings are ‘a vital first step in discovering potentially valuable targets for development of new [COVID-19] treatments,’ noted co-first author of the study Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) have determined that levels of certain blood proteins specific to...

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University of Washington Researchers Develop Home Blood Clotting Clinical Laboratory Test That Uses a Smartphone and a Single Drop of Blood

UW scientists believe their at-home test could help more people on anticoagulants monitor their clotting levels and avoid blood clots In a proof-of-concept study,researchers at the University of Washington (UW) are developing a new smartphone-based...

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Millennial Clinical Laboratory Managers Went Digital with Their Networking at Last Week’s Executive War College

With Millennials soon to make up the majority of the medical laboratory workforce, it’s only natural that digital networking is gaining momentum at events like the Executive War College Attendees at last week’s Executive War College Conference on Laboratory and...

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Adolescents with Specific Health Conditions Experience Accelerated Aging at Midlife, According to Published Study in New Zealand

Study shows that access to early childhood treatment could have lasting effects and prevent premature adult aging Researchers in New Zealand have found that people who experienced “daily smoking status, obesity, or a psychological disorder diagnosis” beginning early...

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