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Molecular Testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 2020 Update on Clinical Utility and Reimbursement Trends

Molecular tests are becoming more routine as diagnostic tools, with many now covered by Medicare and commercial insurers. Advantages of molecular tests based on PCR technology include their ability to identify uropathogens traditionally missed by culture-based tests.

Driven by urgent, unmet analytical and clinical care needs, the adoption of the rapid molecular test—particularly RT-PCR for urinary tract infection control and treatment—has important implications.

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Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Test Stewardship: The Financial and Clinical Impact of Clinical Decision Support in Hospital Laboratories

This white paper – the third in a three-part series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare – provides frontline perspective and commentary from experts and physicians on the application and value of decision support in the laboratory. It also includes early-adopter proof points from hospital laboratories that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to achieve their stewardship goals, including EHR interventions and ongoing monitoring of utilization.

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Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Takes Witness Stand in Her Own Defense: Admits to Using Pharma Giants’ Logos on Reports to Investors, But Claims No Intent to Deceive

Former CEO also testified that she believed company’s proprietary blood-testing technology could perform ‘any’ clinical laboratory blood test One relevant question in the federal fraud trial of ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was whether she would testify on her own...

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Retail Giant Nordstrom Now Sells Viome Life Sciences’ Microbiome Testing Kit Online, Will Stock the Test Kit in Some Retail Locations Next Year

Although there are healthcare providers who see the potential in microbiome testing, many clinical laboratories are not yet ready to embrace microbiome-based testing In an unlikely string of events, no less than Nordstrom, the national department store chain,...

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More Countries Are Now Capable of Genome Sequencing and Contributing to Global COVID-19 GISAID Database than Ever Before

GISAID hosts a vast, open database of genomic sequences of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus samples, and medical laboratory scientists in countries across the globe are contributing Clinical laboratories around the world have been contributing to the global scientific...

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McMaster University Researchers Develop Bioinformatics ‘Shortcut’ That Speeds Detection and Identification of Pathogens, including Sepsis, SARS-CoV-2, Others

Molecular probes designed to spot minute amounts of pathogens in biological samples may aid clinical laboratories’ speed-to-answer Driven to find a better way to isolate minute samples of pathogens from among high-volumes of other biological organisms, researchers at...

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Junk DNA May Not be “Junk” Afterall, but Perform Significant Functions in Ensuring Fertility, and Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases

Recent research into transposons within DNA dark matter may produce new biomarkers for clinical laboratory testing and diagnostics There’s been another interesting development in the study of genetic “dark matter” which may give rise to new biomarkers for clinical...

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Another Former Theranos Clinical Laboratory Director Testifies in Holmes’ Fraud Trial about Irregularities with Proprietary Edison Blood-Testing Technology

Pathologist Kingshuk Das, MD, tells jurors he voided 50,000 to 60,000 blood-tests from a two-year period due to unreliable results As the prosecution in the criminal fraud trial of ex-CEO Elizabeth Holmes closes in on resting its case, a fourth and final former...

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‘Femtech’ Diagnostic Start-up Firms Want to Provide Women with At-Home Tests for Health Conditions That Currently Require Tests Done by Clinical Laboratories

Several young companies hope to expand the direct-to-consumer test market by introducing new diagnostic tests to serve the women’s health market Providing women with at-home lab test kits is the goal of a growing class of start-up companies that are bringing to market...

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Have Low-cost Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests Changed Census Results in America?

Citizens claiming racial diversity increased by 276% in the 2020 census, leading experts to wonder if racial diversity is increasing or if people are simply electing to identify as such and how this trend will affect healthcare Once again, we see another unexpected...

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UK Clinical Laboratory Operations Suspended Following Reports of 43,000 False Negative COVID-19 PCR Test Results Over Five-Week Span

Medical laboratory company’s patients in Southwest England previously had tested positive for COVID-19 on a Lateral Flow Device If providing accurate test results is key to maintaining trust with healthcare consumers, a private COVID-19 testing laboratory in the...

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Spatial Transcriptomics Provide a New and Innovative Way to Analyze Tissue Biology, May Have Value in Surgical Pathology

Newly combined digital pathology, artificial intelligence (AI), and omics technologies are providing anatomic pathologists and medical laboratory scientists with powerful diagnostic tools Add “spatial transcriptomics” to the growing list of “omics” that have the...

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