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The Case of the Missing Mole: When costly Lost or Missing Laboratory Test Samples Instigate Courier Management Redesign

Incidents of lost or missing laboratory test samples carry heavy consequences. Yet, many laboratories find that accountability, reconciliation, and tracking persist as issues. This white paper will be useful for laboratory directors, lab managers, courier managers, logistics managers, and outreach managers—whether in hospital-based laboratories or independent medical laboratories working as outreach labs—who employ and manage couriers in-house.

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Medical Laboratories Respond to Monkeypox Outbreak Using CDC-Developed Diagnostic Test

The federal agency shipped tests to five commercial clinical laboratory companies, augmenting efforts by public health labs Medical laboratories in the US are ramping up their efforts to respond to an outbreak of monkeypox that has been spreading around the globe....

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International Team of Scientists Use Genetic Testing to Solve Centuries-Old Mystery of Black Death’s Origin

DNA analysis of early plague victims pinpoints Black Death’s start on Silk Road trading communities in mountain region of what is now modern-day Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia Microbiologists and clinical laboratory scientists will likely find it fascinating that an...

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New Study on Hospital Pricing by Houston Business Group Highlights Gaps Between Medicare and Private Insurance Payments

Employer group in Houston plans to use the numbers to pressure lawmakers for policy changes involving how hospitals and health plans price their services Clinical laboratory leaders will probably not be surprised to learn that wide disparities exist between what...

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Theranos Whistleblower Tyler Shultz Publicly Denounces LDT ‘Loophole’ that the Disgraced Blood-testing Company Exploited

Shultz and fellow whistleblower Erika Cheung spoke to clinical laboratory scientists and attendees at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago Two whistleblowers who raised concerns about the accuracy of Theranos’ blood test results offered thought-provoking...

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Animal Healthcare Company Zoetis Completes Acquisition of Basepaws, a Company That Sells At-home DNA Testing Kits for Cats

Genetic testing for the health and wellbeing of beloved pets is not unlike clinical laboratory testing to develop personalized treatments for humans Clinical laboratory professionals know that the same patients who complain about a $10 copay for their own laboratory...

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UK Researchers Using Genetic Sequencing to Study Convergent Evolution Determine Molecular Data Superior to Morphology in Determining Evolutionary Relationships

Discovery calls into question accuracy of traditional methods for developing evolutionary trees of animals Can a type of shrew be more related to an elephant than to other shrews? According to researchers at Milner Center for Evolution at the University of Bath (UB)...

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Two Georgia Hospitals First to Be Fined by CMS for Failure to Comply with Hospital Price Transparency Law

Nearly two years after passage of price transparency law, only a small number of the nation’s hospitals are fully compliant, according to two separate reports Price transparency is a major trend in the US healthcare system. Yet, hospitals, physicians, clinical...

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Scientists in Italy Sequence DNA of Man Who Died in Mount Vesuvius Eruption at Pompeii in 79 AD

It’s the latest example of how genetic technologies have advanced to the point where DNA can be extracted and sequenced from human remains that are thousands of years old, often generating new insights that can benefit clinical laboratory testing How might an...

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Supply Chain Shortages Threaten Medical Imaging Testing While Clinical Laboratories Face Scarcity of Blood Collection Specimen Tubes

From infant formula to contrast dye for CT scans, ongoing healthcare product shortages highlight continuing US supply chain and manufacturing issues Medical laboratory directors and pathologists have firsthand knowledge of COVID-19 pandemic-driven supply chain issues,...

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New Report Reveals That Medicare Part A Fund May Be Tapped Out By 2028, Triggering Calls for Congress to Address This Problem

Experts say it is time to change Medicare financing, even as large numbers of baby boomers continue to enroll in the program each year Medicare’s fund for payment of inpatient hospital care is expected to be tapped out in 2028. That’s according to a new report from...

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