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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Clinical Laboratory Information System Implementation Brief: What You Need to Know About LIS Installations, Conversions, and Interface Projects

A recent LIS market report shows that demand for a modern LIS is driven by a number of factors: acceleration of laboratory automation, the need for improved lab efficiency, advances in integrated functionality, importance of compliance with regulatory requirements, and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases.

Indeed, because all laboratories are now routinely being asked to do more with less, these and numerous other urgent reasons are compelling independent and hospital laboratories to invest resources in a major laboratory information implementation or upgrade.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Patient Access Antidote: Retaining More Revenue with Front-End Solutions

Healthcare delivery and reimbursement models have undergone a paradigm shift; specifically, patient financial liability has significantly affected clinical laboratories and pathology groups, changing the way our businesses operate. In order to profitably provide care, it has been crucial for labs to modernize their collection practices—yet many struggle to do so.

With proper focus on front-end patient access management, labs and pathology groups become better equipped to optimize their cash flow and successfully meet their key revenue cycle objectives—a critical achievement for the financially-healthy, high-performing lab organization.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER How to Create a Patient-centered Lab with Breakthrough Blood Collection Technology: Microsampling takes blood collection out of the clinic

Breakthrough methods in blood collection technology have the ability to expedite your lab’s move to patient-centered care, as well as answer the challenges of changing remote patient requirements. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, an ideal resource for those interested in new microsampling technology—what it is, how it works, and how it can transform your lab.

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How Next-Generation Sequencing Helps Molecular Laboratories Deliver Personalized Medicine Services to their Client Physicians

Personalized and predictive medicine are rapidly becoming a reality. As a result, your clinical diagnostic laboratory’s need for a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to accommodate personalized medicine’s informatics integration and workflow challenges has become vital. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing a detailed discussion on how you can unlock the potential of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology in your lab, and the benefits and contributions it can make to add clinical value and improve patient care.

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The Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Maximizing Revenue & Valuation: Effective Revenue Cycle and Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors

The laboratory business continues to face consolidation and margin pressure, with far fewer independent labs now than just a decade ago. A laboratory’s financial success and valuation is all about top line revenue, profitability, and minimizing risk— elements that can be positively impacted by state-of-the-art revenue cycle management. Oversight of the entire revenue cycle, by conducting a constant and consistent analysis of the front-to-back end revenue processes through specific tools and workflows, can maximize the efficiency and adaptability of all of the components of the revenue cycle process to net the greatest return.

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Canadian Scientists and Medical Researchers Urge Health Canada to Regulate Laboratory-developed Tests

Lack of regulations and quality management jeopardizes the quality and safety of LDTs, claim experts in clinical laboratory medicine in a commentary to Canadian policymakers Health Canada is the latest government healthcare organization under pressure to enact...

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New CRISPR Gene-editing Approach Under Development at Broad Institute Could Lead to Improved Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics for Genetic Diseases

‘Prime editing’ is what researchers are calling the proof-of-concept research that promises improved diagnostics and more effective treatments for patients with genetic defects What if it were possible to edit genetic code and literally remove a person’s risk for...

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Nebula Genomics Offers Anonymous Sequencing to Increase Privacy and Transparency in Genetic Testing

By offering a way for customers to have their DNA sequenced without any fear of being identified, Nebula Genomics hopes to revive interest in personal genetics Nebula Genomics is introducing a new model for genetic sequencing that emphasizes privacy and consumer...

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As Accreditation Inspections of Clinical Laboratories Become Tougher, Innovative Labs Use Internal Audits and Continuous Quality Improvements to Help Prevent Deficiencies

Savvy medical laboratory managers conduct internal audits of processes involved in deficiency citations so they can uncover how deficiencies occur and help eliminate recurrences One trend that places clinical laboratories at risk involves increased regulation of lab...

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UK’s NHS Will Use Amazon Alexa to Deliver Official Health Advice to Patients in the United Kingdom

Since Alexa is now programed to be compliant with HIPAA privacy rules, it’s likely similar voice assistance technologies will soon become available in US healthcare as well Shortages of physicians and other types of caregivers—including histopathologists and pathology...

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As Primary Care Providers and Health Insurers Embrace Telehealth, How Will Clinical Laboratories Provide Medical Lab Testing Services?

When patients use telehealth, how do they choose medical laboratories for lab test orders their virtual doctors have authorized? Doctors On Demand is expanding the nation’s primary care services by launching a virtual care telehealth platform for health insurers and...

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Binary Fountain Survey Finds 70% of Millennials Share Their Healthcare Experiences Online and 70% of Americans Say Online Reviews Influence Their Healthcare Choices

Online reputation management is increasingly becoming a critical function that all providers, including clinical laboratories, must address or risk losing revenue Recent surveys cite growing evidence that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and online review sites such as Yelp...

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Medicare’s Independence at Home Program Saves Federal Government Millions While Paying Millions to Health Providers That Meet Quality Benchmarks

This CMS pilot program is another opportunity for clinical laboratories to provide medical lab test services and collect specimens outside of traditional sites of healthcare services Clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups are once again reminded to...

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Could Biases in Artificial Intelligence Databases Present Health Risks to Patients and Financial Risks to Healthcare Providers, including Medical Laboratories?

Clinical laboratories working with AI should be aware of ethical challenges being pointed out by industry experts and legal authorities Experts are voicing concerns that using artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare could present ethical challenges that need to be...

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