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How Next-Generation Sequencing Helps Molecular Laboratories Deliver Personalized Medicine Services to their Client Physicians

Personalized and predictive medicine are rapidly becoming a reality. As a result, your clinical diagnostic laboratory’s need for a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to accommodate personalized medicine’s informatics integration and workflow challenges has become vital. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing a detailed discussion on how you can unlock the potential of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology in your lab, and the benefits and contributions it can make to add clinical value and improve patient care.

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The Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Maximizing Revenue & Valuation: Effective Revenue Cycle and Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors

The laboratory business continues to face consolidation and margin pressure, with far fewer independent labs now than just a decade ago. A laboratory’s financial success and valuation is all about top line revenue, profitability, and minimizing risk— elements that can be positively impacted by state-of-the-art revenue cycle management. Oversight of the entire revenue cycle, by conducting a constant and consistent analysis of the front-to-back end revenue processes through specific tools and workflows, can maximize the efficiency and adaptability of all of the components of the revenue cycle process to net the greatest return.

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A Lab Leader’s Guide To Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx)

The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing an enlightening overview of pharmacogenomic testing and how PGx fits into current healthcare goals, a discussion of the obstacles healthcare providers, institutions and clinical diagnostic laboratories face in entering the pharmacogenomic testing market, and examples of how a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service platform can help healthcare providers overcome those obstacles.

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3 Critical Rules for Surviving in 2017: Your Medical Laboratory’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

With less revenue flowing from reimbursements and more consumers footing the bill for diagnostic testing, counterbalancing lost revenue while better serving providers and patients is not an option—it is a must. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, exploring three critical rules innovative medical laboratories must take into account to combat new and drastic changes occurring in the lab industry, and outlining proactive steps that when taken, will serve as the foundation for clinical success in 2017 and beyond.

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How Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Can Succeed in Pharmacogenomics: What the Experts are Saying

Increasing understanding of the genetic basis of an individual’s response to drugs, including how and how quickly a drug is metabolized (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), has opened the door to an increasingly personalized approach to drug prescription. By identifying drugs most likely to benefit a patient, assessing the likely dose response, potentially avoiding adverse reactions, and reducing unnecessary use of drugs,  pharmacogenomics testing (PgX) is helping to optimize treatment and reduce costs associated with complications or inappropriate utilization.

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Stanford University Researchers Finds Physician Burnout as Big a Threat to Patient Safety as Unsafe Hospital Conditions; Exhausted Providers Twice as Likely to Make Medical Errors

Pathologists might be able to help overburdened doctors by adding medical laboratory support services that assist providers in selecting the right tests and identifying the best therapeutic options for patients In a new Stanford University School of Medicine study...

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Mayo Clinic Researchers Investigate Ways Telomeres Could be Useful in Clinical Laboratory Diagnoses of Diseases Associated with Short Telomere Syndrome

Using precision genomics, Mayo researchers hope to develop improved medical laboratory tools for screening, diagnosing, and treating patients with inherited genetic disorders such as accelerated aging Telomeres increasingly are on the radars of physicians and...

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University of California Davis Researchers Discover Infant Microbiomes Lack B. Infantis in Developed Nations

Without the beneficial bacteria, infants can develop gut dysbiosis, which can lead to severe chronic diseases Another key insight into how the human microbiome performs essential functions has been discovered by a research team at the University of California, Davis...

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Bloodless Malaria Test Could Signal Major Breakthrough for Early Detection of Diseases Using Light Instead of Traditional Clinical Laboratory Tests

This low-cost, reusable noninvasive light test could serve as a prototype for detecting other biomarkers and diseases in rural and outlying medical laboratories A 24-year-old Ugandan computer scientist whose own malaria was missed by traditional clinical laboratory...

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Latest Push by CMS for Increased Price Transparency Highlights Opportunities and Risks for Clinical Laboratories, Pathology Groups

As federal regulatory agencies continue to push transparency, hospitals, medical labs, anatomic pathology groups, and other healthcare providers must develop strategies for remaining competitive and maintaining patient volume More price transparency continues to be a...

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Could Clinical Laboratories and Pathologists Have a New Use for DNA as a Data Storage Technology?

Researchers in Boston are working to develop DNA as a low-cost, effective way to store data; could lead to new molecular technology industries outside of healthcare Even as new insights about the role of DNA in various human diseases and health conditions continue to...

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Online Negative Reviews Can Threaten Clinical Laboratories Not Prepared to Address Feedback or Manage Their Internet Presence

As consumers increasingly choose physicians and service providers based on other people’s feedback on review websites, Internet-based customer service programs are becoming critical business tools for clinical laboratories and pathology groups Clinical laboratory...

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Penn State University College of Medicine Pilot Study Finds MicroRNA in Saliva Can Be Used in Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussions in Children

Identifying patients who will likely develop prolonged concussion symptoms could lead to new clinical laboratory tests and personalized medicine treatments Researchers are homing in on a new diagnostic assay for concussion that could potentially generate significant...

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Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services Leaders Sentenced to Prison in $100-Million Lab Test Kickback Scheme That Also Led to Convictions of 38 Physicians

DOJ says now-defunct clinical laboratory in New Jersey generated test orders by bribing physicians with cash, concert tickets, vacations, high-end automobiles, and prostitutes  It finally happened! Two medical laboratory executives were given jail sentences for their...

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Tufts University School of Engineering Researchers Have Developed Tooth-mounted Sensors That Monitor Glucose, Salt, and Alcohol in Foods as They Enter the Body

Tuft’s proof-of-concept demonstration study shows how changes in saliva can be employed as biomarkers for development of future diagnostic monitoring devices and applications For years, pathologists and dentists have recognized that the mouth contains many useful...

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