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Molecular Testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 2020 Update on Clinical Utility and Reimbursement Trends

Molecular tests are becoming more routine as diagnostic tools, with many now covered by Medicare and commercial insurers. Advantages of molecular tests based on PCR technology include their ability to identify uropathogens traditionally missed by culture-based tests.

Driven by urgent, unmet analytical and clinical care needs, the adoption of the rapid molecular test—particularly RT-PCR for urinary tract infection control and treatment—has important implications.

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Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Test Stewardship: The Financial and Clinical Impact of Clinical Decision Support in Hospital Laboratories

This white paper – the third in a three-part series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare – provides frontline perspective and commentary from experts and physicians on the application and value of decision support in the laboratory. It also includes early-adopter proof points from hospital laboratories that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to achieve their stewardship goals, including EHR interventions and ongoing monitoring of utilization.

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Translating Clinical Laboratory Science Into Business Objectives: How an Educational Program Measured and Analyzed Performance and Transformed the Approach to Improving Laboratory Operations

Now more than ever before, clinical labs are under pressure to operate efficiently, accurately, and timely, all while still making money. Doctors and patients have come to expect a 24-hour turnaround for most tests. Clinical labs throughout the United States have been slashing budgets, many literally to the point of no return. At least 13 public health labs in four states have shuttered since 2003, which posed a serious problem when COVID-19 hit because resources did not meet demand.

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Proof-of-Concept Study at University of Colorado Boulder Shows Dynamic Tattoos Can Help Detect and Track Health Issues

If tattoos can accurately be used in the diagnostic process, might clinical laboratories soon offer these types of diagnostic tattoos at their patient service centers? Could color-changing tattoos help diagnose illnesses? Researchers at the ATLAS Institute at the...

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German Feasibility Study Shows Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging May Provide New Technique for Identifying Positive Margins during Prostatectomies

Prostate cancer currently has the highest positive surgical margin rate of any cancer in men, with 21% of patients left with cancer cells at the resection site Cancer surgeons may soon have a new technology to help them completely remove cancerous tissue during...

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Department of Justice Recovers $1.8B from Medical Laboratory Owners and Others Accused of Alleged Healthcare Fraud During COVID-19 Pandemic

It did not take long for fraudsters to pursue hundreds of billions of federal dollars designated to support SARS-CoV-2 testing and it is rare when federal prosecutors bring cases only a few months after illegal lab testing schemes are identified As if the COVID-19...

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Proof of Concept Study Demonstrates Machine Learning and AI Can Identify Cancer Cells Based on pH Levels; May Have Applications in Surgical Pathology

The new method employs a pH sensitive dye and AI algorithms to ‘distinguish between cells originating from normal and cancerous tissue, as well as among different types of cancer’ the researchers said Might a pH-sensitive dye in tandem with an image analysis solution...

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Theranos Founder and Former CEO Elizabeth Holmes’ Federal Criminal Fraud Trial Finally Is Under Way in California

Court documents show Holmes’ defense strategy includes accusing ex-boyfriend and former COO Balwani of ‘intimate partner abuse’ that impacted her ‘state of mind’ It has started! The long-awaited criminal trial of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is underway in a...

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Scientists Identify Growing Number of COVID-19 Variants, But Not All Clinical Laboratories Have the Capability to Test for Variants

Fear that immunity-resistant mutations of SARS-CoV-2 will emerge are real and the scientific community is paying close attention Detection of an increasing number of new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus raises the possibility that a new strain of COVID-19 might...

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Dey Laboratory Research Finds Bile Acids Affect Gut Motility and the Human Microbiome, Insights That May Lead to New Clinical Laboratory Tests

These new findings may affect how microbiology labs and physicians diagnose and treat several gastrointestinal conditions Once again, a research effort has teased out new insights into the role the human microbiome plays in our digestive processes. Microbiologist and...

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Forbes Ranks Epic’s Judith Faulkner the Richest Woman in Healthcare in Its 2021 List of 100 Richest Self-Made Women in US

Within the in vitro diagnostics and clinical laboratory space, Bio-Rad’s Alice Schwartz and 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki also were recognized by Forbes At $6.5 billion net worth, Forbes, in its 2021 list of the 100 richest self-made women in the US, ranked Judith Faulkner,...

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Large Dutch Survey Shines Light on Fraud and Questionable Research Practices in Medical Studies Published in Scientific Journals

About half of nearly 7,000 respondents admitted to sloppy practices, which suggests that pathologists and clinical lab professionals may want to be skeptical about the findings of many papers published in medical journals It may surprise pathologists and medical...

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SUNY Upstate Medical University and NUAIR Complete Trial Delivery Service of Medical Supplies on Campus Using Unmanned Drones

Goal of university’s yearlong CHURP test was to validate the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, in the delivery of medical supplies across SUNY’s campus Just as hospital systems worldwide are exploring the feasibility of using drone...

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