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3 High-Risk Medical Courier Support Services Risk Management
Specimen Management and Logistics Issues to Evaluate for Continuous
Quality Improvement
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The Economic Case for Adopting Digital Technology and AI Applications Now
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NEW WHITE PAPER Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System
in the Hospital Laboratory
FREE DOWNLOAD! Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital Laboratory

Latest White Papers

FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital Laboratory

This white paper—part 2 of a three-part series— provides practical pearls on how a proven decision support solution and one that is a good fit for your lab can be the foundation of an effective laboratory stewardship program, and can greatly assist in controlling utilization and meeting the challenges of value-based care. As well, the paper also clearly explains the points for “buy versus build” laboratory decision support.

Choosing the right decision support solution will empower your lab and hospital leaders, clinicians, and staff with more time to focus their core competencies on the provision of healthcare. Learn what you need to know by downloading this FREE whitepaper now.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Anatomic Pathology at the Tipping Point? The Economic Case for Adopting Digital Technology and AI Applications Now

Driven by recent technological and regulatory approvals, leading academic and commercial laboratories are increasingly going digital to overcome significant gaps in efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. These same labs are implementing computational applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to expand on the productivity, quality, and confidence gains they’ve already realized.

Download the White Paper now to get a synopsis of recent research and real-world cases that demonstrate the economic and scientific necessity of adopting digital pathology platforms and AI applications. Gather perspective from in-depth interviews with industry-leading labs that lay out the benefits they themselves gained from going digital.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Clinical Laboratories Under Pressure: Exploring Options to Re-establish Critical Relevancy and Maintain Independence

As a clinical laboratory leader, it’s important for you to understand why selling the lab will not solve core problems like overutilization, low-value testing, inappropriate use of high-cost testing, and provider confusion over best test choice which can lead to irrelevant results.

Rather, when you take action to build value within your lab, you can effectively transform it into a strategic unit that drives clinical and financial value for itself and for the organization it serves. Learn how by downloading this FREE White Paper, first in a three-part series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Clinical Laboratory Information System Implementation Brief: What You Need to Know About LIS Installations, Conversions, and Interface Projects

A recent LIS market report shows that demand for a modern LIS is driven by a number of factors: acceleration of laboratory automation, the need for improved lab efficiency, advances in integrated functionality, importance of compliance with regulatory requirements, and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases.

Indeed, because all laboratories are now routinely being asked to do more with less, these and numerous other urgent reasons are compelling independent and hospital laboratories to invest resources in a major laboratory information implementation or upgrade.

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FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER | Patient Access Antidote: Retaining More Revenue with Front-End Solutions

Healthcare delivery and reimbursement models have undergone a paradigm shift; specifically, patient financial liability has significantly affected clinical laboratories and pathology groups, changing the way our businesses operate. In order to profitably provide care, it has been crucial for labs to modernize their collection practices—yet many struggle to do so.

With proper focus on front-end patient access management, labs and pathology groups become better equipped to optimize their cash flow and successfully meet their key revenue cycle objectives—a critical achievement for the financially-healthy, high-performing lab organization.

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Latest E-Briefings

Roche CEO Severin Schwan Questions the Ethics of Certain Companies Making COVID-19 Antibody Tests and Calls Some of These Clinical Laboratory Tests a ‘Disaster’

Schwan’s concerns about inaccurate or unreliable COVID-19 serology tests were supported when the FDA issued more restrictive rules for these medical laboratory tests on May 4 Last month, Roche Group CEO Severin Schwan characterized some COVID-19 antibody tests as a...

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Walmart Opens Second Health Center Offering Clinical Laboratory Tests and Primary Care Services

In another example of giving consumers more direct access to medical laboratory tests, Walmart believes that convenience and lower prices can help it capture market share Retail giants continue to add healthcare services—including medical laboratory testing—to their...

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With So Many New COVID-19 Serology Tests Obtaining EUAs from the FDA, How Can Clinical Laboratories Identify Tests That Should Perform Reliably?

As federal and state officials ease many regulatory requirements to speed new COVID-19 serology tests to market with minimum data about performance, labs are left with important questions to answer on their own Every day, elected officials at all levels of government...

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Where Are the Patients? Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories Wonder When Routine Surgeries, Procedures, and Testing Can Be Restarted Once the COVID-19 Outbreak Eases

Even as some states lift stay-at-home orders, clinical laboratories and pathology groups face uncertainty about how quickly routine daily test referrals will return to normal, pre-pandemic levels Although strokes and heart attacks do not take vacations, a large and...

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Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Disease in Patients Even Before Symptoms Appear May Help Researchers Develop New Clinical Laboratory Test

She worked with researchers at the University of Manchester in England to identify volatile biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease that may lead to first noninvasive screening Clinical pathologists and medical laboratories are used to working with certain biological...

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US Works with Clinical Laboratories to Launch Several Large-Scale COVID-19 Serological Surveys to Track Undetected COVID-19 in the Nation’s Population

Though some experts claim widespread antibody testing is key to effective public health safety, the WHO warns positive serological tests may not indicate immunity from reinfection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2 It may be the largest program of clinical laboratory...

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New CDC-led Genomics Consortium That Harnessed Genetic Sequencing to Track the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus includes Clinical Laboratories and IVD Firms

Medical laboratories are already using gene sequencing as part of a global effort to identify new variants of the coronavirus and their genetic ancestors Thanks to advances in genetic sequencing technology that enable medical laboratories to sequence organisms faster,...

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COVID-19 Pandemic Triggers Decline in Anatomic Pathology Testing and Shows How Digital Pathology, Remote Sign-Out Can Increase Pathology Services

Because of ‘shelter in place’ orders, many anatomic pathologists are reviewing digital images from home during the COVID-19 outbreak and demonstrating the value of whole slide imaging, digital pathology, and CMS’ recent amended remote sign-out policy COVID-19 is...

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Specimen Management and Logistics Issues to Evaluate for Continuous Quality Improvement – 3 High-Risk Medical Courier Support Services

As a member of your laboratory’s leadership team, learn what you need to know as a competitive laboratory to maximize efficiency, increase profitability, and decrease costs over the long run by leveraging effective medical courier services and those that utilize digital technologies.

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UC Berkeley Creates COVID-19 Robotic Testing Laboratory in Record Time by Reallocating Equipment and Training Researchers to Do Clinical Analysis

Medical laboratory leaders may be inspired by this rapid start-up and its outreach to students and the Bay area In what could take a typical clinical laboratory months or even years to launch, the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) at the University of California,...

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FEATURED SPEAKERS James O. Westgard, PhD Founder, Principal Madison, WI James O. Westgard, PhD, FACB Westgard QC, Inc. FEATURED SPEAKERS Sten Westgard Director of Client
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Westgard QC, Inc.
Sten Westgard
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Philadelphia, PA
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