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The Case of the Missing Mole: When costly Lost or Missing Laboratory Test Samples Instigate Courier Management Redesign

Incidents of lost or missing laboratory test samples carry heavy consequences. Yet, many laboratories find that accountability, reconciliation, and tracking persist as issues. This white paper will be useful for laboratory directors, lab managers, courier managers, logistics managers, and outreach managers—whether in hospital-based laboratories or independent medical laboratories working as outreach labs—who employ and manage couriers in-house.

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Proven Approaches to Clinical Laboratory Cost-Cutting and Effective Staff Recruitment/Retention to Be Shared at New Workshops in Chicago and Miami

Answers and effective solutions to the lab profession’s most urgent challenges will be front and center at the innovative ‘Lab Management Essentials Workshop’ Three powerful forces are slamming clinical laboratories today. One is the urgent need to cut costs. Second...

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UK Researchers Develop Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Skin Test for Parkinson’s Inspired by Woman’s Ability to Smell the Disease before Onset of Symptoms

An assay using mass spectrometry could go to clinical trial within two years Dark Daily has regularly observed that humans generate a variety of volatile substances—particularly in breath—which can be used for diagnostic purposes. But what if people, like certain...

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India’s Central Government Tasks 15 Viral Research and Clinical Laboratories to Perform Monkeypox Surveillance Testing

South Asian nation aims to do what US, UK, and Europe failed to do during start of COVID-19 pandemic and slow spread of disease while case counts are low With monkeypox quickly spreading around the world, India may be taking a lesson from western nations’ delayed...

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Nearly One Million Patient Records of Hospitals, Health Clinics, Medical Laboratories, and other Providers Stolen in Ransomware Attack on Medical Records Company

Clinical labs should proactively investigate how a vendor will respond to a data security incident and how quickly, says expert Clinical laboratory managers in New York and surrounding areas should be aware that  almost one million protected health information (PHI)...

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First It Was Health Monitoring Devices on Wrists, Now It’s Health Monitoring on Fingers

Will health monitoring with finger rings become more popular than wrist worn devices? One company hopes the answer is yes! Personal health monitoring devices continue to grow smaller. Now there is a company selling a smart ring that fits on an individual’s finger....

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Clinical Pathologist Once Again at the Center of a National News Story as Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Seeks New Trial

Federal judge must rule on her bid for a new trial, after former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff’s statement that he regrets his testimony during her criminal fraud trial It is a rare event for a board-certified clinical pathologist to be named in national news...

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Researchers Use Genetic Sequencing and Wastewater Analysis to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Variants and Monkeypox within Communities

Researchers surprised that process designed to detect SARS-CoV-2 also identifies monkeypox in wastewater Early information about an outbreak in a geographical region can inform local clinical laboratories as to which infectious agents and variants they are likely to...

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New Monkeypox Challenges Abound for Public Health Agencies as Virus Travels Beyond Traditional Hotspots

Officials also worry about diminishing smallpox vaccinations, which offered people protection against the infectious disease Monkeypox challenges from the current outbreak have dogged public health agencies even though the disease was first identified more than 50...

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Multiple Blue Cross Insurers Sue Nebraska-based Clinical Laboratory Company for Alleged COVID-19 Test Price Gouging

Insurers from three states claim pandemic start-up medical lab company charged as much as $979 for SARS-CoV-2 PCR test In an unprecedented move, Blue Cross insurers in three states are suing a clinical laboratory company in Nebraska for test price gouging during the...

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McKinsey and Company Report Offers Analysis and Insights on How Companies Can Deal with the Great Resignation Occurring in the US Labor Market

Recruiters should target five personas for hiring new talent and retaining existing staff, McKinsey says, a goal that would be challenging for clinical laboratories recruiting medical technologists Clinical laboratories and pathology groups continue to struggle...

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