Special Reports

The Dark Intelligence Group, publishers of Dark Daily, The Dark Report, and COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings, created the following special reports to provide clinical laboratories and pathology groups with in-depth information and guidance on important topics.




Getting Paid for COVID-19 Test Claims: What Every Clinical Lab Needs to Know to Maximize Collected Dollars

Published March 26, 2021 | 118 pages | $599

As many labs have discovered, getting reimbursed for COVID-19 tests is not a given. Several sources of risk—inadequate posting of prices, improper coding, noncompliance with state & federal laws, and improper documentation—result in labs not being paid for COVID-19 testing or, more likely, getting paid and later facing audits that result in the recoupment of some payments.

This 118-page report covers all the key risk areas and provides guidance on how clinical laboratories can maximize dollars collected for COVID-19 testing.

Special-Report-Cover-COVID-19-Employee-Testing-ProgramsUPDATED & REVISED! COVID-19 Employee Testing and Screening Programs: Essential Guidance on Legal, Risk Management, Regulatory, and Compliance Issues for All Employers

With greater understanding of COVID-19, many organizations—even those that would not normally engage in workplace testing—are assessing how they will approach health and safety in their workforce, customer, and student communities. But implementing an employee COVID-19 screening and testing program is unfamiliar territory for most employers.

This new special report serves as the essential reference for those either embarking on a COVID-19 employee testing and screening program or reviewing a program already in place. LEARN MORE OR ORDER NOW



What Hospital and Health Network Labs Must Know to Comply with PAMA Private Payer Price Reporting

This comprehensive workshop is designed to help hospital CEOs, CFOs, their laboratory administrators, and others tasked with data reporting and other requirements of PAMA to fulfill this federal law, with the data  reported used to calculate an updated Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule expected to go into effect  Jan. 1, 2021.

What Hospital and Health Network  Clinical Laboratories Must Know to Comply with PAMA Private Payer Price Reportingis based on federal  guidance, enhanced by the expertise of health law practice attorneys, health system leaders who are already reporting data, and other experts. This series of 8 videos comes with a comprehensive companion PDF handbook that supplements the videos, and helps  weave together the maze  of federal guidance into a wealth of easily accessible resources.

This program package is an ideal educational and training  tool for each team  member tasked with the PAMA data reporting project, as well as the hospital, health system, and medical laboratory leader who must certify their organization’s data to CMS in a timely manner. LEARN MORE OR ORDER NOW