What Hospital and Health Network Labs Must Know to Comply
with PAMA Private Payer Price Reporting


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Many of the nation’s hospital and health system CEOs and CFOs remain unaware of the requirement that they report their private  payer clinical laboratory test price data to the federal  Centers for Medicare  and Medicaid Services (CMS) starting Jan. 1, 2020. Hospitals that fail to report this data  required by the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) may be assessed penalties of up to $10,000 per day for each failure to report, misrepresentation, or omission.

This comprehensive workshop is designed to help hospital CEOs, CFOs, their laboratory administrators, and others tasked with data reporting and other requirements of PAMA to fulfill this federal law, with the data  reported used to calculate an updated Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule expected to go into effect  Jan. 1, 2021.

What Hospital and Health Network  Clinical Laboratories Must Know to Comply with PAMA Private Payer Price Reportingis based on federal  guidance, enhanced by the expertise of health law practice attorneys, health system leaders who are already reporting data, and other experts. This series of 8 videos comes with a comprehensive companion PDF handbook that supplements the videos, and helps  weave together the maze  of federal guidance into a wealth of easily accessible resources.

This program package is an ideal educational and training  tool for each team  member tasked with the PAMA data reporting project, as well as the hospital, health system, and medical laboratory leader who must certify their organization’s data to CMS in a timely manner.


What’s included:

  • 8 Video Presentations, each including  insights and commentary from experts in the field

  • Handbook for Lab Leaders, 44-page PDF

  • Easy access from the handbook to corresponding video presentations

  • All content is downloadable

  • Approved for 5 continuing education units (CEUs) from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry

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What’s Covered: 

Video 1: How We Got to PAMA and This Final Reporting Understanding the History, Legislation,  and Regulatory Pro Involving the Medicare  Part  B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule
38 Minutes. Featuring Joyce Gresko, JD, Partner, Alston & Bird

Video 2: Understanding the Requirements for Reporting P Private  Payer  Lab Test Price Data: Who  Reports, What Is R How to Report,  When Do Penalties Apply, and More
49 Minutes. Featuring Diana W. Voorhees, MA, CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, DV & Associates

Video 3: How to Structure Your PAMA Data  When Working with Your Internal  IT Team or Third-Party Billing Provider
28 Minutes. Featuring Sarah Simonson, Director of Client Management, Lab RCM, and Leigh Polk, Change Healthcare

Video 4: Lessons Learned at South Bend Medical Foundation: What Works Best  and Pitfalls to Avoid When Gathering, Analyzing, and Reporting PAMA Lab Test Price Data
14 Minutes. Featuring Trish Hankila, Vice President Finance, South Bend Medical Foundation

Video 5: Key Recommendations for Reporting Your Lab’s Private Payer  Price Data: Identifying  Data  Sources, Using Informatics Tools, Understanding Where Data  Is Missing or Inaccurate, and Transmitting Your Data
41 Minutes. Featuring Craig Young, Senior Financial Analyst, XIFIN

Video 6: What If Your Hospital Lab Doesn’t Have a CFO? How We Pulled the Task Force Together Throughout Atrium Health to Assemble PAMA Data for Submission
22 Minutes. Featuring Modena Henderson, MHA, Vice President, Laboratory Services, Atrium Health

Video 7: Compliance and Regulatory Issues Associated with the PAMA Statute and the CMS Final Rule for Reporting Private  Payer Lab Test Prices: Risks, Consequences, and Often-Overlooked Requirements
33 Minutes. Featuring Elizabeth  Sullivan, JD, Healthcare Attorney, Member, Co-Chair National Healthcare Practice Group, McDonald Hopkins

Video 8: Workshop Highlights plus Q&As from the CMS
52 Minutes. Featuring Sarah Harding, Health Insurance Specialist; Sarah Shirey-Losso, Director, Division of Ambulatory Service Centers, and Craig Debinski, Centers for Medicare  and Medicaid Services


Get answers to your toughest PAMA questions and master the knowledge
you need to report accurate and complete data on time!


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