South Korean Telecommunications Partner with Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Companies to Send Test Results to Consumers’ Mobile Devices

As consumer demand increases for medical laboratory testing services that bypass the supervision of primary care doctors, clinical laboratories may be affected Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing organizations and telecommunications companies in South Korea are collaborating to help consumers stay informed of their health status by sending lab test results directly to their mobile devices without requiring physician involvement. What can labs in the West learn from these developments? One...

Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution powered by Kapios

Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution A digital solution to help stay compliant, reduce paper forms and boost productivity. Do you have checklists for checklists? Are you tired of getting cited for missing pieces of documentation? Are you tired of monthly reviews that consume you in mountains of paperwork? Laboratories need a systematic process to track compliance and ensure a task is never missed. Kapios has partnered with laboratory experts to develop Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution,...

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We are an open, online test registry and workflow solution for information and evidence about MDx tests. With our system, payers, laboratories, and providers can transparently identify and evaluate tests and determine coverage policies. The result is reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved quality of care. Learn more about us—one of the leading technology companies in the payer market, with solutions in more than four out of five payers in the country.