Dark Daily White Paper HIV Drug Resistance Testing

Dark Daily’s free white paper, “Virus Surveillance: Empowering Communities Through Early Genotypic Testing for HIV Drug Resistance,” addresses several facets of HIV surveillance, including genotypic testing for drug-resistant mutations, virus cluster detection and response, and programs in action. The new white paper for the health laboratory community has been produced in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific and is available for free download.

As antiretroviral drugs are a primary HIV therapy, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that all antiretrovirals, including those from newer drug classes, are at risk of becoming partially or fully inactive due to the emergence of drug-resistant virus—it’s just a matter of time. This is an important point because if not prevented, HIV drug resistance can jeopardize the efficacy of medicines used to treat HIV, resulting in increased numbers of HIV infections, HIV-associated morbidity and mortality, and the need to develop new antiretrovirals.

Health laboratory directors interested in reducing the impact of emerging and harmful HIV drug-resistant mutations can use this white paper educational supplement for a new look at:

  • Care gaps in viral load monitoring and drug resistance testing;
  • Recent developments signaling new paths forward with HIV-1 testing; and
  • Programs that monitor genetic evolution of drug-resistant mutations for people living with HIV.

This report specifically addresses drug-resistance testing needs, policy decisions influencing HIV testing, and insights from virus surveillance, cluster detection and response efforts. The white paper also includes a reference resource list.

Click here to download the free white paper. For additional information inquire at info@darkreport.com, or call Amanda Curtis at 512-264-7103.

Published March 27, 2023
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Dark Daily White Paper HIV Drug Resistance Testing