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Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel

News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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When your clinical lab’s billing should move from a function to a strategy: Lessons from the Biodesix experience

Key Considerations and Processes for a Successful Billing Strategy, 
and How Your Lab Can Improve Revenue Metrics

FREE Webinar
Held Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Please contact us at 512-26-7103 or for information


Clinical laboratories today must manage an ever-changing number of challenges regarding payer rules and regulations. Just one example is so much time spent providing insight into specialized tests in order to secure payment. Your lab must be ready with the right RCM tactics in order to expedite payment, increase cash flow, and maximize reimbursement.

Whether it is preventing denials or managing documentation, not all RCM solutions are nuanced for all labs, particularly smaller or specialized testing laboratories—failing to allow for the customization necessary for the lab to achieve the best possible revenue outcomes, and to grow and remain successful.

Listen and learn during this enlightening webinar, as Biodesix shares key considerations made by their lab leadership, and lessons learned as they tackled their lab’s reimbursement challenges and evaluated the steps and strategies necessary to most effectively optimize billing processes and create new areas of opportunity!


Please contact us at 512-26-7103 or for information


Attend this 60-minute program,
 and you will:

  • Understand unique payer challenges faced by clinical laboratories, such as prior authorization and medical records
  • Recognize the need to move billing from a function to a strategy, to improve reimbursement and reduce denials
  • Be able to identify new RCM tactics and workflows to customize and advance your lab’s approach to billing practices
  • Learn from the strategies utilized by Biodesix to improve reimbursement, particularly on specialized lab testing
  • Define key considerations when evaluating an RCM vendor, including features, level of support, ultimate cost savings, and more

Who should attend?

  • Revenue Cycle and Billing Managers
  • VPs and Directors of RCM
  • VPs and Directors of Finance

Your registration includes:

  • A site license to attend the webinar. Invite as many members of your team as you would like!

Please contact us at 512-26-7103 or for information



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Shawna Burdick

Shawna Burdick
Senior Director, Customer Operations
Biodesix, Inc.
Boulder, CO

Shawna Burdick has over 20 years of experience with revenue cycle management and operations, both from a provider and a payer perspective. Shawna joined Biodesix to bring all billing functions in-house and to build a strong team with a successful track record of maintaining cash flow. Upon completion of the implementation of in-house billing solutions, Shawna was tasked with integrating all operations for revenue cycle management, including test data entry, missing billing information, and sales support. 


Heather Rossetti
Account Executive
Quadax, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Quadax, Inc. is a leading healthcare revenue cycle software and solutions management company. As an Account Executive for Quadax, Heather Rossetti supports laboratory clients with their revenue cycle needs.  Prior to Quadax, Heather managed the UPMC Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement account for DeBiase & Levine Associates in Pittsburgh, PA.