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New Plastic Artificial Cell with Working Organelles Could Be Adapted to Deliver Diagnostic Biomarkers Directly into Living Cells

HIE Use Rises along with Adoption of EHRs, but Full Interoperability Remains Elusive for Hospitals, Physicians, Clinical Labs, and Pathology Groups

Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealth Agree to Share Data with HCCI to Give Consumers a Free, Comprehensive Source for Comparing Healthcare Prices and Quality

New Study of Fruit Fly Genome Reveals Complexity of RNA and Provides a Model for Studying Mechanisms for Hereditary Diseases in Humans

Consumers May Soon Have a Home Blood Collection Kit That Allows Them to Monitor and Quantify Damage to Their DNA

Mayo Clinic and Whole Biome Announce Collaboration to Research the Role of the Human Microbiome in Women’s Diseases Using Unique Medical Laboratory Tests

Ongoing Shift from Inpatient to Outpatient Care Shows Up as Revenue Loss in Boston’s Partners Healthcare’s QTR2 Report and Includes Decline in Outpatient Clinical Lab Services

Public Hospital in Phoenix Slashes Patient Self-Pay Prices by 50% to Increase Hospital Price Transparency

St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital Improves Clinical Laboratory Test Utilization, LOS, and Patient Outcomes by Use of Cloud-based Business Intelligence System

Many Physicians Deciding not to Proceed with EHR Adoption in a Development that Could Affect Clinical Laboratories Offering LIS-to-EHR Interfaces to Doctors

Physicians and Pathologists at Atrius Health Collaborate to Reduce Unnecessary Clinical Laboratory Test Orders and End Up Saving $1 Million Annually

Castlight Health Offers Employers a Cloud-based Price Transparency Tool to Help Employees Shop for Low-Cost, High Quality Health Services

Sandia National Lab’s Credit Card-Size Anthrax Detector Works as a Small Medical Laboratory in the Field

Some Hospital-based Physician Pay Trends Identified by Becker’s Hospital Review Could Play to Pathology’s ‘Sweet Spot’

Swiss Researchers Developing a Smartphone-based Coagulation Test to Help Patients on Anticoagulation Therapy to Self-Test at Home

Team-based Healthcare Engages Frontline Workers in New Roles and Provides Clinical Pathology Laboratories with Opportunity to Add More Value with Lab Tests

Study at University of Chicago Uses Supercomputer to Shorten Time Required to Analyze Whole Human Genome Sequences; May Help Pathologists Deliver Faster Diagnoses

Why Clinical Laboratory Managers and Pathologists Are Using Performance Data Systems and Business Intelligence to Boost Productivity and Quality

Pathologists and Medical Laboratory Scientists in India Call for Active Government Regulation in Response to Ongoing Problems with Quality of Medical Laboratory Tests

Physicians Use Fitness Trackers to Monitor Patients in Real-time, Even as Developers Work to Incorporate Medical Laboratory Tests into the Devices

Certain Pathologists Found Themselves in the ‘Highest Paid’ Media Spotlight after Medicare Officials Published Physician Pay Data for 2012

Leaders at the Association for Pathology Informatics Conference Issue Broad Call to Action in Response to Clinical and Financial Threats to Pathology Profession

Might Pathologists Soon Have a Medical Laboratory Test Capable of Predicting a Patient’s Probability of Death within Five Years?

In China, More Irate Patients Violently Attack Doctors over Wrong Diagnoses and Poor Healthcare

Researchers at Columbia University Report How Exome Sequencing Helped Diagnose Patients with Unknown Disorders

Findings Confirm What Pathologists Have Known for Years: Significant Number of Primary Care Doctors Are Uncertain about the Correct Clinical Laboratory Test to Order

J. Craig Venter Joins Race to Crack the Puzzle of Human Aging with New Company That Aims to Sequence 100,000 Human Genomes Yearly

China Puts the Kibosh on Genetic Testing, Surprising Even Genetic Experts—Effects on Recent Multi-million Dollar Investment by BGI of Shenzhen Uncertain

New Federal Law Has Potential to Financially Devastate Local Clinical Laboratories, While Favoring Larger National Medical Labs

Clinical Laboratory Executives and Pathologists Gathered in New Orleans This Week to Learn New Financial Strategies to Cope with Shrinking Lab Test Prices

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