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Clinical Trials Find Success with Use of Next-Generation Gene Sequencing; Could Lead to More Precise Clinical Pathology Laboratory Tests

Medical Tourism Continues to Flourish as U.S. Patients Seek Lower Cost Healthcare in Overseas Countries

Major Healthcare Systems Begin Building In-House Whole Human Genome Sequencing Capabilities, Creating New Opportunities for Pathologists

Oregon’s New Medicaid Care Model Uses Capitated Reimbursement and Coordinated Care Organizations; May Change How Clinical Laboratories Are Paid

Medical Laboratory Leaders Gather in the United Kingdom to Address Challenges of Shrinking Lab Budgets and Need to Upgrade Quality Assurance Performance

New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center Using Big Data to Improve Clinical Care

Health Insurers Encourage Physicians to Help Patients Use Cost and Quality Data to Select Providers, Including Medical Laboratories

More Consolidation in the Clinical Laboratory Industry, as Quest Diagnostics Agrees to Pay $570 Million to Acquire Solstas Lab Partners

Falling Inpatient Revenues at Many Hospitals Is Sign of Healthcare’s Transition to New Models of Integrated Clinical Care and Changes in Medical Laboratory Test Utilization

J&J’s Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Business Snapped up by Carlyle Group for $4.15 Billion in a Sale that Will Impact OCD’s Clinical Laboratory Customers

Mathematical Modeling of Systems Pharmacogenetics by Researchers at Penn State May Create New Opportunities for Clinical Pathology Laboratories

23andMe and Udacity Launch ‘Massive Online Open Course’ in Human Genetics

Attention Pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Professionals: New ‘Sunshine Act’ Requirements Will Track and Publish Financial Relationships Providers Have with Healthcare Vendors

Collecting from Patients May Get Tougher When New ACA Financial Rules for Non-profit Hospitals Became Effective January 1, 2014

Israeli Researchers Create Tiny, Programmable, Genetic Test Device that Can Roam the Body and Diagnose and Treat Diseases on the Spot

Consumers Turn to the Internet to Shop for Cheapest Prices Offered by Hospitals, Physicians, and Clinical Pathology Laboratories

PeaceHealth and University of Washington School of Medicine Form Strategic Alliance, Further Integrating Academic and Community Care Settings

New Finding Has Major Implications for Genetic Testing as Researchers Learn that Greater Numbers of Humans Have Multiple Personal Genomes

While ACO Care Coordination Holds Promise for Improving Quality and Lowering Healthcare Costs, It’s Still a ‘Work in Progress’

Health Kiosk Offers Consumers Self-Serve Health Screenings, Preventative Health Help, and Information on Health Plans and Obamacare

Providers, Payers and CMS Gear Up for ICD-10 Implementation, but Will They Be Prepared for Launch by October 1, 2014?

Digital PCR Poised to Give Traditional Real-Time PCR a Run for Its Money in Gene Sequencing and Development of New Medical Laboratory Tests

Ranking of Nation’s 15 Biggest Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Shows Fast Growth of this Model of Integrated Clinical Care

Microbiologists at Weill Cornell Use Next-Generation Gene Sequencing to Map the Microbiome of New York City Subways

23andMe Socked with FDA Warning Letter and Class Action Lawsuit over Company’s Genetic Testing Services

Is a Patient-Centric Approach to Clinical Laboratory Management the Best Way to Move from Volume to Value?

Study of Urologists Who Refer Patients for Imaging to Facilities They Own is Published by the New England Journal of Medicine

New ‘Smart Diaper’ Tests Baby’s Urine for Urinary Tract Infections, Dehydration, and Kidney Problems—Then Alerts Baby’s Doctor

Whole-Genome Sequencing, Aided by Bioinformatics Analytical Software, Offers Quick, Accurate Test for Diagnosing Diseases Caused by Single-Gene Mutations

Implantable Medical Laboratory-on-a-Chip Continuously Monitors Key Chemicals in Chemotherapy and High-Risk Patients

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