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Qualcomm TriCorder XPRIZE Selects 10 Finalists: Next Step Is for Devices to Diagnose Patients using Clinical Laboratory Test Technologies and Similar Diagnostic Tools

Do Some Clinical Laboratory Companies Oversell Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests?

American Medical Association’s Study of Nation’s 25 Largest Health Insurers Indicates that Biggest Companies Hold Dominant Market Share in Most Regional Markets

Researcher at Imperial College London Develops Smart Knife that Allows Surgeons to Detect Cancer In Situ and Without Pathologist Review

UnitedHealthcare Pushes Back Start Date for Making Claims-Payment Decisions Based on its Florida Pilot Management Program for Medical Laboratory Tests

Major Biobanking Center Planned for Kannapolis, North Carolina, in Tandem with a Multi-Decade Study of the Role of Genetics in Chronic Disease

Illumina Plans to Tap Consumer Market for its Smartphone-Ready DNA Chip: Will This Create Diagnostic Consulting Opportunities for Pathologists?

Enforcement of FDA’s Unique Device Identification Law Begins as Hospitals, ASCs, and Nursing Homes Must Now Report Adverse Patient Events from High-Risk Medical Devices

New Handheld Imaging Device Can Diagnose Melanoma in Physicians’ Offices, Potentially Reducing the Volume of Skin Biopsies Referred to Pathology Labs

Ochsner Becomes First Health System to Interface Apple’s HealthKit App to its Epic EHR; Will It Help Patient’s Monitor Their Medical Laboratory Test Results?

Bad News for High-Priced Clinical Laboratory and Imaging Test Providers: Castlight Study Finds Consumers Choose Lowest-cost Providers, Regardless of Out-of-Pocket Costs

Specialist Physicians Launch Patient-Centered Medical Homes, Creating Opportunities for Clinical Pathology Laboratories to Deliver Value-Added Medical Lab Testing

New York Genome Center Prepares to Enter Clinical Laboratory Testing Market with Exome and Whole Human Genome Sequencing Assays

Cheap, Disposable Biometric Patch to Monitor Stress and Fatigue in Military Personnel May Be Adapted to Monitor Biomarkers Used by Clinical Pathology Laboratories

In Florida, UnitedHealthcare’s New Clinical Laboratory Benefit Management Program Triggers Objections from Physicians and Excludes Most Medical Laboratories

Engineers at Michigan Technological University Create Pocket-Sized, Multi-Test Medical Lab-on-a Chip Using Computer-Aided Design Technology

UCSF Study Puts Spotlight on the High Prices of Medical Laboratory Tests Charged by California Hospitals

New Insights into Genetic Mechanisms Common to Humans and Simpler Species May Form the Basis for New Diagnostic Tests Performed by Clinical Pathology Laboratories

At the University of Michigan, Research Study Indicates how Composition of Gut Microbiome May Serve as Complementary, Noninvasive Screening Tool for Colon Cancer

Team at Intermountain Medical Center Research Unveils Cortisol Measurement Tool Via Smartphone Device With Possibilities for Worldwide Use for Clinical Laboratory Testing

Whistleblower Lawsuits at U.S. Clinical Pathology Laboratories Are Rising

Medicare Price Cuts May Slow Total Overall Hospital Spending Growth

Texas Section of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hosts All-Star Line-up of Clinical Laboratory Experts to Share Successes at Improving Lab Test Utilization

Nanotechnology-Based Medical Laboratory Test Chip Developed at Stanford University Detects Type-1 Diabetes in Minutes and Can Be Used in Doctors’ Offices

Geneticist at University of California Davis Sequences His Unborn Baby’s DNA in a Global First for Whole Genome Sequencing

California Clinical Laboratory Association’s Annual Conference Showcases How Medical Labs Are Using EMPIs and Similar Technologies to Deliver More Value

University of Washington Scientists and Engineers Create Credit-Card-Sized, Microfluidic Device Capable of Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer in Minutes

LabCorp Spends $5.6 Billion to Acquire Covance, Challenging Quest Diagnostics for Position as Largest U.S. Diagnostics Company

Gargling with Gold Nanoparticles Provides a Non-invasive Way to Diagnose Cancer and May Provide Pathologists with a Useful New Clinical Laboratory Test

Nation’s 100 Most Expensive U.S. Hospitals Identified by National Nurses United—It’s Another Peek at Providers’ Prices That May Include Clinical Laboratory Tests

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