Needle-Free Hematology and Clinical Laboratory Blood Tests May Be Coming Soon to a Point-of-Care Setting Near You!

Researchers say they can see, identify, and count blood cells in vivo, with a system that could eventually move some routine high-volume tests out of centralized medical labs

It would be disruptive to many medical laboratories if routine hematology testing—particularly the traditional complete blood count (CBC)—were to move out of the central clinical laboratory and become a real-time, non-invasive point-of-care test (POCT) that provides the same information that is similar to the traditional complete blood count (CBC).

Israeli researchers developed a microscope with cellular resolution that uses a rainbow of light to image blood cells in vivo as they flow through a microvessel. Experts familiar with the research project say the technology has the potential to find a ready role in clinical diagnostics. (more…)