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Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel

News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Human Longevity Inc. Unleashes Power of Whole-Genome Sequencing to Unlock Keys to Healthy Aging; Research May Lead to New Clinical Laboratory Tests

Human genome pioneer J. Craig Venter’s newest project seeks to ‘change the way medicine is practiced’ by creating genomic-based medicine model

With little fanfare or public notice, a start-up company in San Diego is busy sequencing the largest number of whole human genome sequences in the world. The knowledge expected to result from this effort promises to revolutionize healthcare, as well as clinical laboratory testing.

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) is a genomics and cell therapy company that has assembled the largest human genome sequencing operation in the world. It’s goal is to use whole genome sequencing and cell-based therapeutics to redefine aging and “meaningfully extend the human lifespan.”

“HLI’s mission is to identify the therapeutically targetable mechanisms responsible for age-related human biological decline, and to apply this intelligence to develop innovative solutions to interrupt or block these processes, meaningfully extending the human lifespan,” HLI states on its website. “We are trying to tackle some of the most vexing diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes … we are working to change the way medicine is practiced through our genomic-focused, preventive model.” (more…)

Pathologists and Clinical Lab Scientists: Design a Modern ‘Tricorder’ and You Could Win $10 Million from the X Prize Foundation!

X Prize organizers want to encourage the creation of a personal diagnostic device that can do medical laboratory-quality testing in patients’ homes

Pathologists and clinical laboratory scientists with an inventive streak have the opportunity to win a $10-million prize, but only if they can develop an effective portable diagnostic device like the “Tricorder” featured in the original Star Trek television series of the 1960s.

This $10-million competition is called the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE. Its sponsors want to stimulate innovation and integration of precision diagnostic technologies, according to the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE website. (more…)

Sequencing Developers’ Unprecedented Success Drives More Ambitious Goals For Genomics X Prize

New Genomic X PRIZE goals/subjects accelerate the drive toward personalized medicine

Swift improvements to the accuracy, speed, and lower cost of rapid gene sequencing have caused the sponsors of the globally-known X PRIZE to revamp their offer of a $10 million award to a team that is first to achieve a defined milestone in whole human genome sequencing.

Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers will be interested to learn how, last month, the X PRIZE Foundation announced a number of major changes to the formerly-named Archon Genomics X PRIZE. Most significantly, competition sponsors changed the subject from 100 genomes from unspecified donors, to genomes from 100 healthy centenarians.