Is Illumina’s $1,000 Genome a Realty? Not for Clinical Laboratory Purposes, Asserts an In Vitro Diagnostics Expert

Gene sequencing for clinical purposes requires more resources, including the costs of experts to interpret data to help pathologists and physicians involved in the case

It was January when headlines nationwide trumpeted Illumina’s introduction of the $1,000 genome. The story in Forbes Magazine, “The $1,000 Genome Arrives—For Real, This Time,” was typical of much of the press coverage.

Because pathology groups and clinical laboratories have much at stake in the race to the $1,000 whole-human genome sequence, it is important to know the real facts about the cost and performance of Illumina’s latest generation of genome sequencing technology. After all, corporate press releases are intentionally designed to present a company’s product in the best possible light. (more…)