Expect More Multiplex Clinical Laboratory Testing as Systems Biology Moves Closer to Clinical Practice

In the Pacific Northwest, PeaceHealth has become the first community health system to join the P4 Medicine Institute (P4Mi) in an important collaboration to demonstrate practical clinical applications of systems biology in patient care. P4Mi is itself a spin-off of the Institute for Systems Biology that was founded by Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., and several colleagues.

Rising Patient Bad Debt Levels Reported by Hospitals and Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Blame it on employers requiring higher deductibles of employees, often starting at $1,500 per year Employers continue to increase the amount of deductibles and co-pays in their health benefit plans. This has a direct consequence for clinical laboratories and pathology groups, because it often creates the need to collect more money from patients at the time of service. A recent survey showed that employers are changing health benefit plans to require workers to pay more money for both insurance...

Meet the Nation’s Top 10 Healthcare Systems for Quality

Advanced use of EHRs is one characteristic of nation’s quality leaders It’s a new study and ranking of top-performing health systems that Dark Daily readers will find interesting and useful. Thomson Reuters announced its latest Top 10 rankings, and identified three main ingredients for attaining higher-quality outcomes. They were: 1) a corporate-level coordinating committee; 2) ample involvement in planning from front-line caregivers; and a system-wide electronic health record system (EHR)....