Despite Federal Regulations That Mandate Patient Access to Their Medical Laboratory Test Results, Survey Shows Most Physicians Oppose Patient Access to Other Clinical Information

In a poll of 2,300 physicians, more than 66% responded that they would not support giving patients access to their full medical records

In recent years, a new federal law made it mandatory that medical laboratories provide patients with access to view their lab test results. However, many healthcare providers continue to resist the concept of allowing patients to have access to their full clinical record.

SERMO Poll Receives Mixed Results

This fact is supported by a recent poll of 2,300 doctors. More than two-thirds of physicians (66%) participating in the survey said that they are reluctant or opposed to giving patients access to their complete medical records, according to a Forbes report.

The poll was conducted by SERMO, a global online social network for doctors. SERMO has 305,000 U.S. members, as well as about 38,000 U.K. members. The poll asked: “Should patients have access to their entire medical record—including MD notes, any audio recordings, etcetera?” The results were mixed: (more…)