Used Laboratory Equipment Finds a Place During Tough Economic Recession

Dark Daily interviews leading market maker in used and refurbished lab analyzers

Used laboratory analyzers and systems are in demand across the United States, but the economic recession is less a factor in this market than would be expected. To find out if bargain-hunting pathologists and lab executives are snapping up refurbished analyzers and instrument systems during these tough economic times, Dark Daily caught up with one of the nation’s market makers in used and refurbished laboratory equipment.

Meet Rob Rankin, President of Michigan’s Rankin Biomedical Corporation. Rankin has sold refurbished lab equipment for over 15 years. “Laboratory equipment and instrument systems form the foundation of any clinical laboratory,” notes Rankin. “For that reason, buyers of refurbished equipment want quality and reliability along with a price that generates huge cost savings when compared to other equipment purchase options.