Clinical Pathology Laboratories Should Expect More Direct-to-Consumer Testing

QuickCheck Health offers care delivery model that marries DTC diagnostic tests with physician review and follow-up

In an interesting twist on the direct-to- consumer (DTC) diagnostic testing market, QuickCheck Health (QCH) is developing a DTC testing platform that brings clinician oversight into the process.

Most pathologists and clinical laboratory managers know that over-the-counter (OTC) testing is one of the faster growing market segment of in vitro diagnostics. A number of OTC products—including tests for urinary tract infections, pregnancy, ovulation, fertility, HIV, and other conditions—are already on the market, stated an article in Technology Review.

However, the existing direct-to-consumer testing model has at least two drawbacks. First, treatment or follow-up care for these DTC tests requires a visit to the doctor. Second, most physicians are reluctant to treat with medication without validating the DTC test results generated by patient self-testing.