Innovations in Clinical Pathology Laboratory Management at the 2011 Executive War College in New Orleans: Day Two

Record crowd of pathologists and medical laboratory managers learned about the latest trends in clinical laboratory management

Dateline: New Orleans, Louisiana—Day two of the 16th annual Executive War College (EWC) gave clinical laboratory managers and pathologists an insider’s view on the “Holy Trinity” of the ObamaCare legislation. The focus was on accountable care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and value-based purchasing.

As happened on day one, yesterday it was a sizable group that included medical technologists (MT), in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers, pathologists and lab entrepreneurs.

Innovations in Clinical Pathology Laboratory Management at the 2011 Executive War College in New Orleans

Record crowd of pathologists and clinical laboratory managers hear from medical lab industry leaders

Dateline: New Orleans, Louisiana
—Here at the 16th annual Executive War College (EWC) on laboratory and pathology management, a crowd of record size has gathered to learn the latest trends in the clinical laboratory testing marketplace, and to hear about innovations and new management breakthroughs, as shared by top-performing medical laboratories.

As your Dark Daily editor, this is my first EWC. Readers of Dark Daily’s ebriefings ( know me from my articles on the website. I’ve learned much about clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups since joining The Dark Group last year. And though my editorial background includes a recent six-year stint as Editor of Health Management Technology magazine, I was nevertheless impressed by the depth of information being offered at EWC. It is why this is truly the “must attend” conference for lab managers and pathologists.

Social Networking Can Help Clinical Labs Recruit More and Better Medical Technologists

Only two lab companies in the United States currently tap social networking to meet their med tech staffing needs

Everyone in the clinical laboratory testing industry knows that there is an acute shortage of medical technologists (MTs) and clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs). But laboratory professionals may be astonished to learn that their MT recruiting programs consistently fail to hire adequate numbers of MTs and CLSs because they nearly always advertise and recruit in the wrong places!

This is one of the best-kept secrets in med tech recruiting. That’s the opinion of Peggy McKee, CEO and Recruiter of PHC Consulting in Celina, Texas. She’s got surprising advice for clinical lab managers who struggle to recruit and retain enough med techs to keep their lab fully staffed at authorized levels.


Tackling Every Clinical Lab’s Medical Technologist Recruiting & Retention Challenge

Learn why medical labs shoot themselves in the foot when advertising and interviewing candidate!

Probably the single most publicized trend in laboratory medicine is the shortage of medical technologists (MTs), clinical laboratory scientists (CLS), and medical laboratory technologists (MLTs). This shortage prevents many clinical laboratory managers from keeping their laboratories staffed at authorized levels.

Equally publicized is the looming mass exodus of Baby Boomers from clinical laboratory positions as they hit retirement age. The oldest Baby Boomers, born in 1946, are turning 63 this year! They are already eligible for early Social Security benefits and just 24 months from turning 65-the age when full Social Security and Medicare benefits are available to them.