Recently published White Paper reveals ways clinical laboratories and pathology groups can take advantage of growing opportunities in the area of pharmacogenomics

Increased understanding of the genetic basis of an individual’s response to drugs, including how and how quickly a drug is metabolized (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), has created rich opportunities for the establishment and expansion of PgX services.

Expertise such as this that is beyond traditional lab medicine is crucial to the future success
of your laboratory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics have opened the door to a progressively personalized approach to drug prescription. By identifying drugs most likely to benefit a patient, assessing the likely dose response, potentially avoiding adverse reactions, and reducing unnecessary use of drugs, pharmacogenomics testing (PgX) has helped optimize treatment and reduce costs associated with complications or inappropriate utilization.

As research demonstrating the clinical utility and associated health economics benefits of PgX has grown—along with the soaring trend toward value-based healthcare—PgX services are now on the path to becoming the standard of care. This demand for PgX presents a tremendous opportunity for clinical laboratories, many of which have already over the last few years successfully launched PgX services, and enjoyed robust growth. (more…)