In the New Health Engagement Model of Health Benefits, Clinical Pathology Laboratories Can Help Beneficiaries through Timely Medical Lab Testing

Oregon adopts health engagement model for its state employees, as evidence of cost savings grows

Across the nation, pathologists and clinical laboratory managers will want to learn about a new model of healthcare reform. It is the “health engagement model” (HEM) and it is being rolled out by a number of health insurers.

Variations of the HEM model are gaining ground in states around the country because health insurers see HEMs as a way to reduce costs and improve quality of healthcare. One new HEM is taking root in the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB) recently adopted a new HEM for state employees, according to a story published by the Lund Report.

What may cause some medical laboratory managers to sit up and take notice is the fact that PEBB’s HEM is producing impressive participation numbers. “Thus far, 48% of members have enrolled for health plans,” stated Ingrid Norberg, Communications Coordinator at PEBB. “And 87% of participating members chose to participate in the health engagement model.”