Experts Predict Explosive Growth in Molecular Diagnostics and Next-Generation Gene Sequencing for Clinical Pathology Laboratories

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Explosive rates of growth in clinical use of molecular diagnostics assays seen in recent years are about to be matched by a new opportunity for medical laboratory testing. Experts predict the coming “big thing” in clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology will be next-generation gene sequencing (NGS).

This should be welcome news for financially-beleaguered pathology groups and clinical lab organizations. Lab tests that incorporate next-generation gene sequencing technologies are expected to offer clinicians greater value by making it possible to more accurately detect and characterize disease at earlier stages. For this reason, these lab tests are expected to be adequately reimbursed by most government and private payers.


More Community Hospital Pathology Laboratories Are Ready to Tackle Molecular Testing for Infectious Disease and Cancer

Clinical pathology laboratories often find it difficult to get accurate information about various molecular and genetic assays

Because of advances in automated molecular systems and less complex technologies, it is now possible for more clinical pathology laboratories in community hospitals to establish their own molecular diagnostics testing program. This is particularly true of testing for infectious disease and cancer.

At the same time that local pathology and clinical laboratories have this opportunity to provide useful new molecular and genetic tests to physicians in their community, questions often remain about how to assess the clinical value of performing a molecular diagnostic test versus the cost of performing that assay. Adequate reimbursement is another equally important part of the decision to offer a new molecular or genetic test.