“Medical Lab for the Home” Device Can Identify Cardiac Markers in Patient’s Blood, Then Relay Information to Physician by Smartphone

New device is designed to perform clinical laboratory testing by using nanoelectronic technology to measure multiple diagnostic parameters in patients’ homes 

Researchers have developed yet another device that takes its readings from a patient’s internal bio-markers. This devices analyzes, then transmits the data directly to doctors’ smartphones to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Developers say use of this system may potentially enable doctors to treat patients in their homes without meeting with them in person.

Mobile Wireless System Designed to Help Patients with Chronic Illnesses

For pathologists and clinical laboratory managers, this research is another example of how technology can be used to take diagnostic testing out of centralized laboratories and put it closer to the patient. This particular miniature device is part of a mobile wireless system designed to aid the elderly and those with chronic illnesses remain independent by allowing continuous monitoring in the home and helping physicians diagnose problems including myocardial infarction early.

The technology for this home-testing system was co-developed by researchers from Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology and researchers from Berlin Charité, T-Systems, and multiple international partners in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)/EU-funded project Nanoelectronics for Mobile AAL Systems (MAS). (more…)