New Outpatient Treatment Paradigm Spurs Construction of ‘Bedless Hospitals;’ Trend May Reshape Clinical Pathology Laboratory Testing

As healthcare payers encourage providers to keep patients out of hospitals, health systems nationally are constructing a new generation of facilities with many fewer beds

Here’s a trend that should catch the attention of every clinical laboratory manager and pathologist working in a hospital. New hospitals are being designed and built around a new treatment paradigm: that tomorrow’s patient will get sophisticated treatment, then mostly go home to sleep in their own beds! That means fewer inpatient beds in service and shorter hospital stays. (more…)

UK’s Association for Clinical Biochemistry Calls for Better Blood-draw Training for ED Doctors

Studies show clinical laboratories still grapple with sub-optimal specimens from emergency departments and better phlebotomy skills are part of the solution

Improving the quality of medical laboratory specimens collected by the staff of emergency departments is an ongoing goal at most American hospitals. Now everyone associated with phlebotomy will be interested in a study released in the United Kingdom (UK) that recommends that emergency department doctors in that country would benefit from a refresher course on correct specimen collection technique.

Clinical laboratory managers and phlebotomists in most developed nations are well acquainted with the problem of faulty specimens sent from the emergency department. That is the problem highlighted by this UK study. (more…)