Company’s Goal Is to Reduce Consumer’s Need to Visit Clinical Laboratories by Developing a Test Device for Home Monitoring of Fitness and Pre-Existing Conditions

Flow Health Hub device could be disruptive to medical laboratories, as it will be designed to allow patients to perform their own diagnostic tests to monitor pre-existing conditions

Another biotech company has its eye on medical laboratory testing and wants to bring to market what it describes as a consumer do-it-yourself test device. The company is designing the device to let consumers do fitness monitoring. But it hopes the device will also allow consumers to monitor pre-existing conditions without the need to visit a clinical laboratory.

These are ambitious goals for Cambridge Consultants, a health IT engineering and technology development firm in Massachusetts. The device under development is the Flow Health Hub, which company executives say can bring the power of the clinical laboratory into the home, according to a Cambridge Consultants press release.

Though still in the conceptual phase, the developer suggests that the user-friendly device could negate the need to visit medical laboratories for routine tests. That would save time and money for both patients and their doctors. (more…)