Interoperability and Meaningful Use Attestation Continues to Increase as the Top 10 EHR Systems of 2015 Vie for Market Dominance

Pathologists and clinical lab managers will not be surprised to learn that Epic leads the competitive electronic health record system market, as ranked by SK&A

No one will be surprised that, in one company’s rankings of the top electronic health record (EHR) systems for 2015, the number one position is held by Epic Systems Corporation. More broadly, about half the market share of EHR systems is concentrated among just five EHR vendors.

Overall Ranking of Top 10 EHR Vendors in 2015

The report from SK&A outlines the top 10 EHR vendors by overall market share during 2015 as follows:

EHR Vendor and Market Share %

1) Epic Systems Corporation  11.6%
2) eClinicalWorks   10.2%
3) Allscripts   8.7%
4) Practice Fusion   6.7%
5) NextGen Healthcare  5.5%
6) General Electric Healthcare IT  3.6%
7) Cerner Corporation   3.5%
8) Athenahealth, Inc.   3.3%
9) McKesson Provider Technologies  3.2%
10) Amazing Charts Inc.   2.3% (more…)