Dental Plaque Could Lead to Clinical Laboratory Testing for Biomarkers to Identify Health Risks

Researchers have found that isolating a particular gene within the oral microbiome can reveal a huge amount of useful diagnostic information about a person’s health

Most people don’t think of dental plaque when they think about clinical laboratories. For the vast majority of people, the only diseases that dental plaque bring to mind are those of the mouth:

periodontitis; and,
dental caries.

Samples that are sent to medical labs and pathology laboratories are more often blood or tissue. However, that could be changing, thanks in part to the work being done at the Oral Microbiome and Metagenomics Research Lab (OMMR) at the University of Toronto. (more…)

Pathology Laboratory Testing at the Crossroads: Will Payers Deeply Discount Prices for Genetic Tests, or Will Value-Based Pricing Prevail?

Big changes in how these lab test claims are handled are just 11 weeks away, and most clinical laboratories are not up to speed on this issue

Note: Dark Daily offers this opinion and commentary by Editor Robert L. Michel

Big changes are coming in how payers handle code stacked claims for genetic tests and molecular diagnostic assays! However, few pathologists and clinical laboratory administrators understand why the collective efforts of payers to control utilization and reimbursement of these types of lab tests have the potential to undermine the financial stability of their medical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups.

The year 2012 is about to arrive and, when it does, it will bring the clinical laboratory testing industry to an important crossroads. Payers—both government and private—are ready to take decisive action to rein in an area of genetic and molecular testing that they consider to be on verge of spiraling out of their control.