Physician Practice Management Companies Stage a Comeback; Anatomic Pathology Groups Remain Skeptical

As reimbursement models shift, physician practice management companies (PPMCs) offer increased value and appeal for hospital-based physicians (HBPs)

Are physician practice management companies (PPMCs)—a hot trend during the 1990s—poised to make a comeback in this decade? Whether this healthcare business model can gain traction during the 2010s remains to be seen, but, of all physician specialties, pathologists are likely to be among the most skeptical, just as they were during the 1994-2000 heyday of PPMCs.

In the mid-1990s, such physician practice management companies as MedPartners, Phycor, and others raised billions of dollar to invest in both independent physician practices and hospital-based physician (HBP) groups. But not even 10 years later, competition for viable practices drove prices above sustainable levels and many PPMCs closed shop. (more…)

AMA Survey Reveals That Physician Interest Lags In ACO Participation

Many physicians say they lack specific details about the care model and how it will reimburse providers

In its own news service, the American Medical Association (AMA) reports lagging interest by physicians when they are asked about their participation in accountable care organizations (ACO). This survey of AMA members was conducted last fall.

According to an article at (AMN), this survey found that—although many physicians are familiar with the concept—a significant number of them indicate they will either opt out of an ACO or unsure whether they will participate in an ACO.