Changing Reimbursement for Clinical Pathology Laboratory Testing and Direct-to-Consumer Testing Discussed at California Clinical Laboratory Association Conference in San Diego

The end of fee-for-service payments has huge implications for U.S. medical laboratories and anatomic pathology practices

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA—In the American healthcare system today, the era of fee-for-service medicine will soon end. This development has huge implications for every clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology practice in the United States because fee-for-service is their primary source of revenue.

This week at the 2013 Annual Conference of the California Clinical Laboratory Association (CCLA), no single topic got more attention than that of reimbursement for clinical laboratory tests and anatomic pathology services. (more…)

Clinical Pathology Labs Should Plan on Greater Transparency in Test Prices and Patient Outcomes

At least seven states have laws mandating an on-line database showing the cost of medical treatments by different providers

At both the federal and state level, the trend toward greater transparency in health-care pricing continues to spread. This is a trend which is designed to require providers—including clinical laboratories and pathology groups—to make their prices for laboratory testing easily accessible to patients and consumers.

Across the nation, federal and state governments are implementing policies aimed at helping consumers make informed health-care decisions. Ultimately, pricing transparency is expected to contain rising health-care costs by creating consumer-driven competition between providers. This is intended to increase price competition among hospitals and physicians’ offices initially. Medical laboratories will eventually be included.