Innovations in Clinical Pathology Laboratory Management at the 2011 Executive War College in New Orleans: Day Two

Record crowd of pathologists and medical laboratory managers learned about the latest trends in clinical laboratory management

Dateline: New Orleans, Louisiana—Day two of the 16th annual Executive War College (EWC) gave clinical laboratory managers and pathologists an insider’s view on the “Holy Trinity” of the ObamaCare legislation. The focus was on accountable care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and value-based purchasing.

As happened on day one, yesterday it was a sizable group that included medical technologists (MT), in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers, pathologists and lab entrepreneurs.

Is “Meaningful Use” the Elephant in the Pathology Lab’s Living Room?

Clinical laboratories and pathology groups must be ready to support physicians’ EMR adoption

In 2011, physicians can earn federal incentives for adopting electronic medical record (EMR) systems and demonstrating “meaningful use.” Every clinical laboratory and pathology group must be ready to deal with this new development. That’s because hundreds of thousands of physicians are about to embark on EMR implementation in their practices—with or without laboratory participation.

Meaningful use was the theme of The Dark Report’s audio conference conducted last month.

Three Experts on Clinical Pathology Laboratory Informatics

Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers participating in the audio conference heard three national experts speak about how mass adoption of EMRs by the nation’s physicians would affect three specific areas of laboratory informatics. The audio conference was titled “How Meaningful Use and EMR Adoption Will Reshape Your Lab’s Competitive Future—and Its Profitability”.