“Choosing Wisely” Program Wants to Encourage Better Utilization of Clinical Pathology Laboratory Tests

For years, pathologists and physicians have spoken out about the overuse of medical laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures. Now an interesting alliance of a medical specialty association and Consumers Reports has come together with a highly-publicized plan designed to reduce unnecessary or inappropriate testing by encouraging physicians to more deeply involve patients in the process.

OIG Estimates that 1 in 7 Medicare Patients are Injured or Killed by Healthcare Providers

That’s not news to pathologists, who often see how physicians mis-order or mis-interpret clinical laboratory tests Each month, one out of seven Medicare patients is injured or killed by their healthcare providers. These medical errors cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. And, that doesn’t even include the cost of follow-up care for the injured patients who survive. Those and other conclusions are part of a recently released study by the Department of Health and Human...

CMS to Pay Bonuses to Medicare Advantage Plans Based on Quality of Outcomes

Still No Medicare Quality Measures for Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Transparency in provider outcomes is moving one step forward and this time it’s a new bonus plan for Medicare Advantage plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) believes the enhancement will encourage lower performing plans to improve their quality of care. Quality Measures Should Interest Medical Laboratory Managers Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers will be interested to learn...