American Esoteric Laboratories Partners with the Department of Defense to Help Military Medical Laboratory Technicians Find Civilian Jobs

Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers can tap into this highly skilled pool of medical lab technicians as servicemen and women reenter the U.S. workforce

Returning veterans who are experienced medical lab technicians are having trouble finding employers that recognize and credit their military training and experience. Clinical laboratories now actively recruiting lab technicians will want to learn more about the availability of these qualified candidates in their communities.

One medical laboratory company already partners with a Department of Defense (DoD) program to help match skilled veteran jobseekers with private sector employers. That is American Esoteric Laboratories, a division of Sonic Healthcare USA. The existence of this program means that pathologists and clinical laboratory managers may be overlooking a ready source of highly skilled laboratory workers.

Combat Medics and Military Lab Technicians (more…)

Chi Solutions Regains Independence as a Clinical Laboratory Consulting Firm

Latest example of a larger company spinning off its laboratory consulting businesses

For the second time in recent years, a large organization has spun off its clinical laboratory consulting business. As of April 1, 2010, Chi Solutions, Inc., of Ann Arbor, Michigan, once again became an independent company.

Carilion Clinic of Roanoke, Virginia, sold Chi Solutions to Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D., and Earl Buck. It was April, 2005 when Carilion Clinic originally acquired the Laboratory Solutions Group of Park City Solutions and named it Chi Solutions. Murphy and Buck have been the principal consultants at Chi Solutions.


MountainStar–PAML Lab Joint Venture Doubles in Size in 24 Months

Hospital/commercial lab JV finds success in competitive Salt Lake City market

DATELINE: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Since its formation less than two years ago, MountainStar Clinical Laboratories, LLC, has more than doubled in size. This unique laboratory outreach joint venture is a partnership between MountainStar Healthcare and Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML).

To learn more about this fast-growing joint venture, last week, Dark Daily traveled to Salt Lake City to visit MountainStar Clinical Laboratories, LLC . First, some background about this partnership.


Teaching “Best Practices” in Pathology Group Practice Management

Essential to protect pathology reimbursement with skilled management

Despite a slow economy, new technology continues to flood into anatomic pathology. These two contradictory forces make it essential for pathologist business leaders and their practice administrators to respond appropriately to preserve reimbursement and maximize the compensation of pathologists in the group.

Dollars are not flowing to labs as easily as before, and money left on the table can be the difference between a lab’s success and failure. Dark Daily recently caught up with Lance Beard, administrator at HistoPath, the largest provider of anatomic pathology services in South Texas, to talk about the challenges laboratories are facing in the current landscape.


Errors Outside the Clinical Laboratory Can Lead to Fatal Consequences for Patients

Guest Commentary by: Mark Graban

Clinical laboratory professionals and leaders should be reminded that their accountability for quality and patient safety does not end at the instrument or the microscope—at least from the general public’s perception and the needs of patients.

This summer, I was walking through Boston Common and saw a woman with a homemade sign with a message about patient safety. I stopped and asked about her sign. She reminded me it was July 25, the annual observance of National Patient Safety Day.