Registry-based Clinical Trials Can Dramatically Slash Both Time and Cost to Complete Studies Involving New Therapeutic Drugs and Medical Laboratory Tests

New approach to clinical trials promises to make it faster and cheaper to do meaningful clinical studies, thus benefiting pharma firms and in vitro diagnostics manufacturers

There’s a new approach to clinical trials that helps shorten the time required to gain regulatory approval of new therapeutic drugs and in vitro diagnostic tests, while slashing the costs of a clinical trial by as much as 90%. This could end up being an important trend for clinical laboratories and pathology groups to perform medical laboratory testing.

Whatever it is—including clinical trials, everyone wants it faster, better, cheaper. That contemporary notion seems to apply to registry-based randomized clinical trials. This is one approach that can be used when both pharmaceutical and laboratory test companies seek efficient ways to demonstrate functional and clinical value of their products to the FDA, Medicare, and private payers. (more…)