Thermo Fisher to Buy Life Technologies for $13.6 Billion in Bid to Beef Up Its Share of Next-Generation Genetic Testing Market

Multi-billion-dollar mega-deal positions Thermo Fisher to offer a broader spectrum of gene sequencing systems to clinical laboratories and pathology groups

Earlier this week, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., (NYSE: TMO) of Waltham, Massachusetts, announced a deal that will shake up the market for next-generation gene sequencing and genetic testing. It will acquire Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) of Carlsbad, California.

More IVD Industry Consolidation That Affects Clinical Laboratories

It is another example of consolidation involving two companies that sell products to the clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology sectors of the lab medicine marketplace. It is also a multi-billion dollar transaction. Thermo Fisher will pay $13.6 billion for Life Technologies, or $76 per share, according to a Reuters report. This amount represents an 11.7% premium over the $68 price per share of Life Technologies’ stock when trading began Monday morning. (more…)

Is Whole-genome Sequencing Reaching a Tipping Point for Clinical Pathology Laboratories?

High-Density Sequencing Chips Will Soon Be Able To Sequence Five Million SNPs

Rapid gene sequencing is catching the interest of progressive anatomic pathologists. These medical laboratory professionals are interested in using rapid gene sequencing technology to allow them to study tens and hundreds of genes on a patient specimen.

The technologies used in rapid gene sequencing are being developed and improved by a handful of biotech companies who are racing each other be first to deliver systems to the marketplace that can sequence whole human genomes at a cost of $1,000 or less. Some innovative medical laboratories are beginning to acquire these sequencing systems and explore how they might be used for clinical pathology laboratory testing. (more…)