Pathology Group of Louisiana Employees Lose Homes, Cars, and Personal Belongings in Disastrous ‘1,000-Year’ Louisiana Flooding

Intense rains triggered unprecedented flooding; anatomic pathology group continues lab testing services while helping staff members whose homes and vehicles were damaged

Clinical laboratory medicine is a community and this fact is being proven by the help now flowing to employees of an anatomic pathology laboratory who were catastrophically affected by the recent flooding in Louisiana, which was caused by an historic and unexpected rain event. The Red Cross called this the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy just four years ago.

At Pathology Group of Louisiana (PGL) in Baton Rouge, 31 of its employees (24% of the staff) have “sustained total loss of their homes and belongings,” stated Pika Sdrougias, PGL’s Chief Executive Officer. “The unprecedented floods took everything: their homes, personal possessions, even their cars are now a total loss.” (more…)

Teaching “Best Practices” in Pathology Group Practice Management

Essential to protect pathology reimbursement with skilled management

Despite a slow economy, new technology continues to flood into anatomic pathology. These two contradictory forces make it essential for pathologist business leaders and their practice administrators to respond appropriately to preserve reimbursement and maximize the compensation of pathologists in the group.

Dollars are not flowing to labs as easily as before, and money left on the table can be the difference between a lab’s success and failure. Dark Daily recently caught up with Lance Beard, administrator at HistoPath, the largest provider of anatomic pathology services in South Texas, to talk about the challenges laboratories are facing in the current landscape.