Institute of Medicine Report Finds Healthcare Management Lags Behind Other Industries

Pathologists and clinical laboratory directors can learn from other industries about how to better achieve quality and cost goals

Why are pathology groups, clinical laboratories, and the majority of healthcare providers so slow to borrow innovative approaches from commercial businesses that measurably improve patient service, quality, and satisfaction? No less an authority than, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has taken the entire healthcare system to task for being so slow to adopt proven innovations that are being rapidly taken up by non-healthcare industries.

These findings were published in a report recently issued by the Institute of Medicine. Authors of the report found that when it comes to quality, outcomes, cost, and equity, healthcare falls short when compared to other industries. (more…)

Canadian Lab Leaders Gather in Toronto to Tackle Tough Issues

Executive Edge conference tackles the good, the bad, and the ugly of lab testing

DATELINE: TORONTO, CANADA—Yesterday and today, an impressive cross section of leaders in clinical lab testing, histopathology, and other health specialties in Canada came together. Their goal was to discuss and debate the future of laboratory testing services in Canada at the 4th Executive Edge conference.

If the future state of lab testing in Canada was the theme, ever-present in the background is the current state of laboratory testing. That’s because, since 2005, a number of news stories about deficiencies and failures in cancer testing at different pathology laboratories in Canada have made headlines across the country.