Many Physicians Deciding not to Proceed with EHR Adoption in a Development that Could Affect Clinical Laboratories Offering LIS-to-EHR Interfaces to Doctors

One problem for physicians is that many EHR products that earned Meaningful Use Stage 1 certification have not gained Stage 2 certification

Growing numbers of physicians are deciding that continuing in the federal government’s electronic health records (EHRs) incentive program is not a winning proposition. This is not an auspicious development for the nation’s clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups.

After all, every medical laboratory in the United States is spending time and money to interface their laboratory information systems with physician clients’ EHR systems to enable electronic lab test ordering and reporting. Thus, if substantial numbers of physicians decide to opt out the federal EHR incentive program, this will create a variety of problems for clinical laboratories providing lab-testing services to these physicians. (more…)