Innovative Clinical Pathology Laboratories Are Adding Value to Pharmacogenomic Test Reports to Help Physicians Better Interpret and Act upon the Results

There’s even a company called Translational Software providing a service to incorporate enriched information about such tests into the reports that labs deliver to doctors

Personalized medicine is the good news story in healthcare and clinical laboratory medicine today. Armed with new understanding about the human genome, physicians are able to customize therapies for patients that will produce the best outcomes while avoiding or minimizing the negative side effects associated with many common prescription drugs.

This is why pharmacogenomics testing is a booming segment of the clinical laboratory industry. On its website, the Duke Center for Personalized and Precision Medicine describes this emerging lab medicine specialty as follows: “Pharmacogenomic tests are used to inform dosing and predict efficacy and adverse events for therapeutic agents. Most tests involve genetic testing, and in the case of cancer, both the DNA of the host and the tumor can be used to inform the choices for treatment.” (more…)