Physician Survey Finds Burnout and Low Morale Cause Nearly 50% of Doctors to Consider Retirement, Non-Clinical Roles, or Concierge Medicine

No clear trend in pathology industry as to the demand for services versus the supply of pathologists

Healthcare providers often describe themselves at being part of a family of caregivers, and right now, one member, the physician, is under extreme pressure. So much so, experts are calling on other members of the family, such as pathology groups and clinical laboratories, to seek ways to proactively ease the burdens on America’s doctors.

A survey by the Physicians Foundation reveals that 80% of physicians reported being overextended or at capacity, with no time to see additional patients. And the number of physicians considering an early exit from patient-centered roles is increasing. If allowed to continue, such a trend will negatively impact patients’ access to care. (more…)