DARK Daily: Smart Hospital and Health Network Laboratories Assessing Alternatives to Traditional Lab Practice Models in This Era of Declining Lab Reimbursement, Integrated Care Models, and Personalized Medicine


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AUSTIN, Texas (August 27, 2019) The clinical laboratory industry is increasingly revolving around hospitals, health systems, and other integrated care delivery networks. Laboratories continue to be challenged with reimbursement reductions, value-based contracting demands, financial outcomes measured as total cost of care, not to mention a demand for complex and costly technologies.

“These factors, along with many others, contribute to the need for laboratory directors and hospital and health system executives to now consider alternatives to traditional practice models,” stated Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “Considering these emerging lab business models goes hand-in-hand with the challenge of determining those alternatives which are viable for their particular organization.”

An all-new webinar, “How to Assess the Potential of Your Hospital or Health Network Laboratory During This Era of Declining Lab Reimbursement, Integrated Care Models, and Personalized Medicine, being held Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 1 PM EDT, is a must-attend event for every member of the hospital, health system, or lab team responsible for the research and consideration of emerging laboratory business models such as joint ventures, affiliations, and partnership models. During this webinar, answers to tough questions will be provided, in addition to the information needed to make the right decisions for the laboratory—those that will enhance patient care, while enabling fiscal responsibility and ongoing financial success.

Attendees will learn how instituting strong medical leadership including physicians, operational leaders, medical technologists, and others— plus preserving onsite clinical expertise, enabling access to external support including innovative reimbursement strategies and technologies, along with the introduction of other key principles, can effectively contribute to their lab’s long-term health and financial sustainability.

Expert presenters are Jerry W. Hussong, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Sonic Healthcare USA, and Paul Fiedler, MD, Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Western Connecticut Health Network.

During the 60-minute session, which will include an interactive Q&A session, webinar participants will:

  • Examine the top 3 market shifts around integrated care delivery that most affect clinical labs
  • Explore the value of joint ventures, affiliations, and externals partnerships and how they can enhance medical care and improve a lab’s bottom line
  • Compare the specific challenges of make vs. outsource vs. partnership business decisions
  • Be able to identify appropriate opportunities for the lab and the associated due diligence considerations
  • Evaluate the factors contributing to a sustainable partnership, including integrating local infrastructure and clinical expertise with external resources and technologies
  • Understand how to apply medical leadership principles to set the foundation for high-quality, cost-effective integrated patient care

For more information about “How to Assess the Potential of Your Hospital or Health Network Laboratory During This Era of Declining Lab Reimbursement, Integrated Care Models, and Personalized Medicine,” and to view webinar details, click here.


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