PRESS RELEASE: How Augmenting an Enterprise-Wide HIT System with a Best-of-Breed Anatomic Pathology LIS Can Result in Improved Quality, Increased Efficiency, and Enhanced Patient Care


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AUSTIN, Texas (October 17, 2014) – The United States healthcare system is undergoing unprecedented change due to major healthcare reform initiatives, accompanied by dramatic new capabilities in health information technology (HIT). Clinical diagnostic laboratories, anatomic pathology laboratories, hospitals and healthcare systems now need, or are being required, to implement health information technology to leverage health data capabilities, streamline workflow, improve efficiency, and increase competitiveness and cost effectiveness.

Although healthcare institution administrators must evaluate the overall HIT requirements of the enterprise, they also should take into consideration the HIT needs of the individual departments and laboratories of the institution, and how those needs jibe with the requirements of the institution’s clients.

“Many larger hospitals and healthcare systems have invested a great deal of time and money into excellent enterprise-wide EHRs and even LISs, but those solutions often do not meet the specific needs of individual departments, such as anatomic pathology laboratories, says Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “These EHR systems may provide an LIS module specific to the needs of the general clinical diagnostic laboratory, but are insufficient for the complexities of the anatomic pathology (AP) laboratory and the AP labs’ specific needs in terms of workflow, data mining, imaging and results formats.”

One potential solution is to invest in a best-of-breed anatomic pathology-specific laboratory information system, which allows the enterprise to work effectively with an institution-wide EHR system, while still serving the needs of the individual laboratories and departments. Addressing this important topic is a recently published free white paper from The Dark Report, entitled “Augmenting an Enterprise-Wide HIT System with a Best-of-Breed Anatomic Pathology LIS.” Published by The Dark Report and Dark Daily, it is available free to laboratory professionals as a PDF download.

This free white paper specifically addresses:

• Differences between enterprise-wide EHR systems and general lab information systems, and anatomic pathology-specific systems

• Challenges involved in selecting either or both an enterprise-wide health information system and a purpose specific laboratory information system

• Evaluating the pathology LIS as a cornerstone of an AP lab’s growth strategy, and using gap analysis to determine the best approach for the health system and laboratory

• Hidden traps associated with enterprise-wide and limited-function pathology LIS products

• Pros and cons of utilizing a cloud-based APLIS versus a locally installed APLIS, with the option of a hybrid system

• Essential elements of a best-of-breed anatomic pathology LIS, plus EHR vendors who recognize the importance of such a system and why

• Case studies: How four anatomic pathology laboratories have successfully utilized a best-of-breed anatomic pathology-specific laboratory system

The paper’s editor is Rick Callahan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Novopath, a leading developer of software solutions for the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory market. Novopath’s mission is to provide unique and unparalleled solutions to the Anatomic Pathology sector in a way that improves workflow, reduces the probability of human error, ensures results accuracy for greater patient safety, protects patient confidentiality, and above all, produces more precise and informative diagnostic outcomes. Rick has more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience, some 15 of which have been spent in the medical IT solutions niche directed toward pathology and radiology segments.

For more information about “Augmenting an Enterprise-Wide HIT System with a Best-of-Breed Anatomic Pathology LIS,” click here . This free publication is part of the Dark Daily Resource Center, comprised of a growing library of white papers and other information resources tailored specifically to the needs of laboratory administrators, lab managers, pathologists, and lab industry consultants.

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