Ongoing change in the healthcare industry has resulted in an overwhelming need for clinical laboratories and pathology groups to do more with less, while finding new ways to grow


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Media Contact: Chris Garcia

AUSTIN, Texas (March 8, 2017) – The year 2016 was one of continuing change for the healthcare industry. The result has been more pressure than ever in 2017 to meet the demands of informed consumers, while balancing new regulations. For clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups, these myriad changes have also resulted in a pressing need to achieve more with fewer resources, and at the same time finding ways to grow.

“With less revenue flowing from reimbursements and more consumers footing the bill for diagnostic testing, counterbalancing lost revenue while better serving providers and patients is not an option for clinical labs and pathology groups—it is a must,” said Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “The good news is that because the typical medical laboratory houses an abundance of clinical and business data, and due to a renewed dependence on technology and informatics—it is now easier than ever for clinical labs to unlock the power of this data and embrace a set of ‘new rules’ for survival.”

The Dark Report is pleased to offer a FREE White Paper exploring three of the critical rules innovative medical laboratories must take into account to combat the drastic changes occurring, and outlining a set of proactive steps that, when taken, will serve as a foundation for clinical success in 2017 and beyond. This new White Paper is entitled “3 Critical Rules for Surviving in 2017: Your Medical Laboratory’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Healthcare Landscape.” Published by The Dark Report and Dark Daily, it is available at no charge to laboratory professionals as a PDF download.

As clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups seek new ways to grow and thrive in 2017, this informative White Paper can provide the cornerstone for building a profitable business that is capable of operating at the highest level. How to’s covered in the paper include:

·        Understanding the lab’s workflow in the detail necessary, in order to identify precisely where changes need to be made

·        How unifying data into a single location can pinpoint specific areas for improvement and focus, and expedite informed decision-making

·        Ways to reduce operational waste with cost-effective processes and procedures (clinical waste accounted for over 14% of total healthcare spending in 2015)

·        Key steps to maximizing reimbursements for clinical lab test claims

·        Case studies providing real-world examples of how other labs were able to overhaul workflows, reduce issue resolution, optimize utilization practices, and increase reimbursement rates

While reimbursement slashes and government regulations continue to create an upward battle, it is possible for clinical labs and pathology groups to make it through to the other side by using the right technology as the foundation of their success equation.

To download “3 Critical Rules for Surviving in 2017: Your Medical Laboratory’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Healthcare Landscape,” click here. Also available at Dark is the Resource Center, a growing library of information and support tailored specifically to the needs of laboratory administrators, laboratory managers, pathologists, and lab industry consultants.

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