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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
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Hosted by Robert Michel
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New Webinar to Focus on ‘Private Practice Pathology,’ Explain Current Realities and Forthcoming Opportunities


      Pathology Webinars, LLC


Media Contact: Rich Faherty


AUSTIN, Texas (February 19, 2018) – Pathology Webinars, LLC, a leading pathology and medical laboratories educational authority, will host a brand new informative webinar, “Private Practice Pathology – Today’s Reality and Tomorrow’s Opportunities with More Access to Managed Care Contracts, Regional Pathology Consolidation, Pathologist Productivity and Compensation, and Getting Paid for Claims,” on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. EST. During the webinar, two strong regional pathology practices will discuss their success stories and share best practices and expert advice for attaining premier status at any practice.

Ben Davis, MD, who is the CEO of PathGroup in Brentwood, Tennessee—one of the oldest and most successful pathology practices in the country—will be the webinar’s first speaker. Under his leadership, PathGroup has grown immensely and maintained its status as a private practice. With more than 80 pathologists, PathGroup serves more than 70 hospitals and thousands of physicians throughout the United States.

Over the years, PathGroup has faced many of the same problems that every pathology practice has endured—reimbursement pressures, compliance pressures, regulatory pressures, audits—and has found ways to succeed despite these and other headwinds that have confronted the industry.

Davis has successfully led PathGroup through the battles and learned many valuable lessons along the way. During the webinar, Davis will share with participants those lessons, in addition to insights on best managing the myriad issues confronting pathology practices as they move forward. He will discuss his group’s process of self-evaluation, as it positions itself internally for growth, and externally to deal with expansion. Participants will hear about internal procedures that PathGroup has implemented to assure quality, service, and better patient outcomes, how the organization appraises potential acquisition targets, and metrics that they have employed to determine how to most effectively deal with competition.

Webinar participants will also hear from Kathleen Fondren, CEO, and David Corwin, Medical Director and President, of the Seattle-based company, CellNetix. Fondren spent 27 years working her way up the ranks at the CHI Franciscan Highline Medical Center system, so she is an expert in the operations side of laboratory medicine and brings a wealth of experience to the session. Corwin is an acclaimed clinical pathologist and serves as Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Washington.

Together, they have led CellNetix on a path of independence and growth while serving much of the Pacific Northwest. Attendees will learn from the insights they have gained during their company’s history of expansion while gaining new strategies to use for their own laboratories. Among the topics to be discussed will be dealing with reimbursement, compliance and regulatory issues, and drivers that can enable labs to maintain consistent growth and to withstand attacks that may come their way.

Plus, the CellNetix team has a history of mergers and acquisitions, making their insights invaluable to all webinar participants, as Fondren and Corwin discuss their approach to M&A and their metrics for determining value.

In the end, participants will get innovative solutions to practice challenges, hear what makes a pathology practice a suitable candidate for negotiation, understand the pros and cons of remaining small as a practice versus growing larger, gain insights on the workings of a lab organization’s internal governance and learn how to deal internally with a large and diverse staff of medical professionals, alongside other helpful information.

This webinar is essential for every pathology practice and will afford participants the opportunity to interact directly with experts and gain the benefit of their invaluable perspectives and recommendations. For more information about this webinar and to view details including presenter biographies and session pricing, click here.

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