Lab Managers: How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment


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Lab Managers: How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment

AUSTIN, Texas (July 3, 2009) — As a lab manager, part of your job is staff development—getting members of your team to take on more responsibility and eventually become managers themselves. But if you were never taught how to develop employees—and many managers weren’t—you’re probably wondering where to begin.

Well, wonder no more. Because a new audio conference from The Dark Report and Dark Daily will provide you with the tools you need to understand the principles of coaching and how to start a program started in your lab. And if you’re already coaching your staff, our panel of experts will help you hone your skills and improve your effectiveness.

As baby-boomers retire, they’ll leave holes in your management structure that you’ll want to fill with qualified people. You could bring in new managers from outside the lab, but it’s easier (and cheaper) to promote from within. As lab manager, your job is to make sure you have staff members ready to step up when needed.

Register to attend “Lab Managers: How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment,” and you’ll get practical tips and techniques to help you improve your coaching skills, plus coaching models you can start using in your lab as soon as the conference is over. You’ll also get details of several case studies that provide real-world solutions to many of your more challenging coaching situations.

Listen as two coaching and staff-development experts provide several simple and highly effective strategies for improving productivity and boosting morale. Then put your new and improved coaching skills to work in your lab.


  • Jeffrey M. Smith, Vice-President of Leadership Development, Slone Partners
  • Tricia Hughey, Chief Executive Officer, APP-UniPath

Just how much more productivity can you expect? Each lab is different, but some studies put the return on investment (ROI) from coaching programs at a whopping 529%! We’ll even show you how to measure the effectiveness of your own lab’s coaching program.

Whether you’re a manager, director, or supervisor for a lab team, or an executive or administrator responsible for the profitability of your organization, be sure to grab a “seat” for this new audio conference, “Lab Managers: How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment” and find out how to increase productivity in your lab. Produced by The Dark Report, How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment.” will take place on July 16, 1 pm EDT [12 pm CDT, 11 am MDT, 10 am PDT].

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this insightful 90-minute conference:

  • Tools and techniques for lab managers untrained in the art of staff coaching and development.
  • Learn how to create career paths in support of your coaching efforts.
  • How to get reluctant staff members interested in moving into management positions.
  • Time-saving tips for busy laboratory managers who say they don’t have time for coaching.
  • Training and developing talented staff members on a limited budget.
  • Structured conversations you can have with employees to help align expectations.
  • How to determine which staff members want to be coached and which ones don’t—and the conversations you should have with each group.

…and much more!

Enrollment for this event is a flat $245 fee per dial-up. The fee includes a full transcript emailed after the conference and an opportunity for participants to ask questions and get advice tailored to their specific needs.

Note: Editors and reporters interested in attending this audio conference may contact Ron Martin at 512-264-7103.

For more information and to register or purchase audio CDs, visit or call toll-free, 800-560-6363.

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