Important New Trends on Med-Tech Recruiting, Salaries, and Compensation: National Changes, Regional Developments


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AUSTIN,Texas(February 15, 2012) — The supply/demand equation in the labor market for medical technologists (MT) and other medical laboratory scientists is rapidly changing nationwide. Skilled med techs and experienced lab scientists are getting multiple job offers and asking for more money. Many labs are willing to outbid competitors to hire these top candidates. Employer demand is another reason why other forms of compensation, such as recruitment bonuses, student-loan forgiveness, and incentive payments, are also fueling increased costs to hire and retain the best candidates.

Some clinical laboratories and pathology groups may be unaware of these developments, making it difficult for them to recruit enough med techs. Worse yet, if a lab’s salaries lag behind the competition, their valued employees may leave for better-paying jobs.

To get labs up to speed on these quickly developing changes, The Dark Report will present a special audio conference, “Important New Trends on Med Tech Recruiting, Salaries, and Compensation: National Changes, Regional Developments,” on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. EST, which will provide the latest intelligence on the changing supply/demand situation and salary/compensation packages. LINK:

Led by Chris Harol, the “go-to” recruiter for many well-known clinical laboratory organizations, the audio conference will discuss how the labor pool has changed over the last 12 months. Harol will provide an invaluable analysis of what comprises successful job offers. Listeners will find out why some top candidates are less interested in a prime salary, preferring other benefits such as a flexible schedule.

Next, Laura Lee Feiner, Laboratory Educator at PeaceHealth Laboratories, which is owned by a major health system and operates a successful laboratory outreach program, will share innovative strategies to attract talent.

Registration to this audio conference is now open. Laboratory managers, trainers, medical technologists, histotechnologists, cytotechnologists, and recruiters should be sure to attend.

A valuable question-and-answer session will follow the 90-minute presentation. Members of the press who would like to hear how a lab can address staffing shortages and boost the effectiveness of their med-tech recruiting and retention programs should contact The Dark Report at 512-264-7103.

For additional information, Contact: Ron Martin, 512-264-7103

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