Hospitals, health systems and clinical laboratories recognize the importance of pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) in today’s healthcare environment, and as the next big step in personalized medicine and enhanced patient care


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AUSTIN, Texas (February 16, 2015) – Pharmacogenomic testing, or PGx, is the study of how an individual’s genetic makeup affects their response to drugs. Through the use of PGx, patient-specific genomic markers are used to select the appropriate treatment for ensuring drug efficacy, while minimizing the risk of toxicity.

“Although the value of PGx testing is clear, it presents a number of challenges to physicians, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and healthcare institutions,” states Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “A primary challenge is the difficulty of analyzing the complex amount of information involved in PGx testing, and then turning that information into actionable intelligence that a busy physician can use to drive good medical care—and to do so in a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable manner.”

One potential solution is to invest in an outsourced, cloud-based PGx interpretation service, which allows for numerous advantages, including faster time to implementation, quicker turnaround times and more consistent end results, in addition to lower investment risk and an ultimate lower overall cost. Addressing this important topic is a recently published white paper from The Dark Report, entitled “A Lab Leader’s Guide to Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx): Cloud-Based Software Reporting of PGx for Hospitals, Health Systems and Clinical Laboratories.” Published by The Dark Report and Dark Daily, it is available free to laboratory professionals as a PDF download.

This free white paper provides a greater understanding of the obstacles physicians, laboratories and hospitals face when launching a pharmacogenomics program, how PGx testing can be used to drive patient care, and the important role cloud-based software can play in making PGx testing a practical and cost-effective solution.

White paper topics specifically addressed include:

  • The ways in which pharmacogenomics can lead to an ultimate overall decrease in healthcare costs
  • Myriad benefits that pharmacogenomics testing can provide patients
  • How numerous studies support the clinical usefulness of PGx testing
  • Various barriers to entry into the pharmacogenomic testing market
  • Outsourcing as a solution to making PGx testing a viable option for laboratories
  • The many advantages to a service that specializes in PGx interpretation
  • Today’s status of genomic testing in the lab market, and what the future may hold

For an enlightening overview of pharmacogenomic testing and how PGx fits into current and future healthcare goals, and examples of how a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service platform can help healthcare providers overcome obstacles encountered when considering entering the pharmacogenomic testing market, click here. “A Lab Leader’s Guide to Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx): Cloud-Based Software Reporting of PGx for Hospitals, Health Systems and Clinical Laboratories” is a free publication and part of the Dark Daily Resource Center, comprised of a growing library of white papers and other information resources tailored specifically to the needs of laboratory administrators, lab managers, pathologists, and lab industry consultants.

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