Ever more physicians are including elements of precision medicine in their practice, making it imperative that every clinical laboratory and pathology group have a strategy for how it will serve precision medicine


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Media Contact: Chris Garcia

AUSTIN, Texas (March 7, 2017) Tests in support of precision medicine will be the fastest-growing sector of laboratory medicine for years to come. Physician demand for these tests is robust and will continue to increase for a powerful reason: patients want the benefits from a test that delivers a more accurate diagnosis, while pointing the doctor to the right therapy that will benefit the patient while minimizing side effects.

“This is the also the reason why it is imperative that every clinical laboratory and pathology group have a strategy for how it will serve precision medicine,” said Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “That strategy should include elements such as gaining network status, demonstrating clinical utility, marketing to cash buyers, and other essentials.”

These, and other key questions about strategy, will be among the topics to be covered at what may be the most important webinar about precision medicine lab testing that has yet been delivered to the clinical laboratory industry. The webinar is titled, “What Molecular and Genetic Testing Labs Need to Know to Succeed with Commercialization of Their Precision Medicine Products.” The Dark Report and Dark Daily will present this webinar Wednesday, March 22, at 1 pm EDT.

Participants will hear from three experts who will emphasize the two vital success factors for a lab’s precision medicine test program. Covering the clinical and operational issues involved are Don Rule, CEO, and Yoav Sibony, VP of Sales and Marketing, both from Translational Software in Bellevue, WA. Then, for the issue of how to get paid for the lab’s molecular and genetic tests, the speaker is Kyle Fetter, VP of Advanced Diagnostics at XIFIN in San Diego, CA. Topics to be covered during the webinar include:

·        Knowing the fastest-growth areas in precision medicine testing, including oncology, pharmacogenomics, and infectious disease/antibiotic stewardship

·        Identifying the physician-champions in the lab’s local community who are considered clinical leaders, ready for precision medicine, who will help show colleagues how such testing benefits their patients and improves outcomes

·        Mastering ways to use the hospital’s existing analyzers for precision medicine testing without the need for additional capital

·        Learning ways to use referral labs to build physician use of precision medicine tests, creating the volume to then perform those tests in-house

·        Understanding the most common reasons why payers reject precision medicine test claims, and how to fix those problems

·        Anticipating payer audits and learning the importance of having lab documentation on precision tests match the documentation in the patient record at the physician’s office

At the conclusion of the presentation there will be a Q&A period during which participants will be able to submit their own specific questions to an expert panel. For more information about “What Molecular and Genetic Testing Labs Need to Know to Succeed with Commercialization of Their Precision Medicine Products” and to view webinar details including presenter biographies and pricing, click here. You may also contact Chris Garcia at 512-264-7103.


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