Clock is ticking down on the nation’s medical laboratories, as they struggle to comply with the PAMA Final Rule and reporting of Lab Test Market Price Data to Medicare, beginning in just 100 days


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Media Contact: Chris Garcia

AUSTIN, Texas (September 20, 2016) Reporting of Lab Test Market Price Data to Medicare officials starts in about 100 days and the news is not good. Across the nation, clinical laboratories and their experts admit that they are struggling to comply with the final PAMA rule. And this is just the larger labs.

“The situation for independent labs is even worse,” said Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “In its survey of independent medical laboratories and hospital labs that will be required to submit market price data to the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), The Dark Report has learned that a substantial portion of these labs have not yet begun to take the first steps to pull that data from their computers and process it for submission to CMS on or after January 1, 2017.”

Without timely action informed by the advice of experts, many clinical labs will be at risk of hefty fines or tough federal sanctions if their efforts to comply with PAMA lab test market price reporting fall short of what CMS deems as acceptable. For that reason, every lab manager and pathologist has a responsibility to his or her laboratory organization to stay informed and up-to-date, particularly since CMS is expected to be releasing more regulations about the reporting process in coming weeks.

Because of the nation’s medical laboratories’ urgency of need for guidance, has scheduled an important webinar on PAMA lab test market price reporting for Thurs., Sept. 22 at 1PM EDT. Experts who are closely watching CMS and working with lab clients will provide insights and information on the best ways to comply with this law and the final rule. The webinar is titled, “PAMA Lab Test Market Price Reporting: What EVERY Lab Must Know, Which Labs Must Submit Data, and Why Reporting Labs Are at Risk!

This 90-minute webinar will address the immediate operational concerns of laboratories, as well as educate them on the compliance demands they should prepare for. A sampling of what will be covered:

• Understanding PAMA’s requirements for reporting private payer rates, and recent updates to the CMS final rule

• Determining whether a lab is an “applicable laboratory,” and if so, what, how, and when to report

• Whether a lab will need to engage an outside IT vendor in order to comply due to complexity of gathering and analyzing test price data

• How exclusion of hospital data will affect revised rates

• Understanding the complexity associated with gathering data for just one type of lab test: chemistry panels

• Discussion of key issues and challenges of particular relevance to community and regional laboratories

• Legal considerations including penalties for non-compliance

• For labs not reporting: How CMS will use a weighted median average of reported prices to establish new Medicare Part B fees

• Plus additional helps and resources, a Q&A session to address questions specific to participants’ laboratories, and more

For more information about “PAMA Lab Test Market Price Reporting: What EVERY Lab Must Know, Which Labs Must Submit Data, and Why Reporting Labs Are at Risk! ” and to view webinar details including presenters biographies and pricing, click here. You may also contact Chris Garcia at 512-264-7103.

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