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Real-world laboratory experience differentiates our e-learning solutions from other online courses!

Why E-Learning?
Ease of Use: Education at your fingertips…accessible wherever internet is available

Price Sensitivity: Education can be accessed by all lab staff without added travel or lodging expense

Customizable Training Format: Training is tailored to specific issues experienced by your individual lab

Project Results: Laboratory staff, tasked to conduct a project, can work directly with colleagues to accomplish goals aligned to the lab organization’s objectives

Expert Educators: Our instructors are real-world experts in the laboratory field, and are available for guidance and mentorship both during and post-training

Our expert-led training provides:

• Fast Track Instruction

• Expert Guidance, Mentorship and Skill Development

• Regulatory Compliance Review and Alignment

• Turn-Around Time Optimization

• Lean Principles to Reduce Defects while Improving Quality and Profitability

Are there CE Credits?

Laboratory Learning Solutions is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E.®. For further information, go to
Subscribers with a Florida license considered laboratory personnel will have Florida credits reported directly to to manage CE credits and track continuing education.

Operational Strategies For Lean Leaders

Operational Strategies for Lean Leaders

Learn how to simplify your processes through the adoption of Lean tools and techniques, and using Lean as your standard methodology, remove bottlenecks, improve inefficient processes and gain operational efficiency in the diagnostic laboratory.

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Laboratory Process Optimization

Laboratory Process Optimization

Learn the principles, rules, tools and philosophies of Lean based on the Toyota Production System. Understand how to optimize processes, organize work areas and eliminate non-value-added tasks and activities to develop an organizational structure of continuous improvement.

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Using Lean Tools To Improve Processes

Using Lean Tools to Improve Processes

Learn the tools of Lean that will help you develop 5-7 high level steps of a process within the current state of a Value Stream Map, and be able to identify defective handoffs between each step, calculate the process metrics, and identify waste and opportunities for improvement.

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Lean Operational Efficiency

Lean Operational Efficiency

The cornerstone of incremental process optimization, this course introduces you to the concepts and principles of Kaizen. Learn to build a Kaizen team, and plan, schedule, host, and conduct a Kaizen event within your laboratory organization.

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Strategies for Waste Elimination in the Lab

Strategies for Waste Elimination in the Laboratory

Learn how to conduct a “go and see observation event” to uncover where and why defects occur in your lab, and how to apply your results to a waste-free process redesign effort using a methodology called the 4 Rules of Work Design.

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