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For Companies Offering Solutions to Labs. At Talking Laboratories, we help marketing organizations get things moving. We build and implement strategic marketing programs that accelerate projects and move initiatives forward.  We are highly skilled and experienced laboratory marketing professionals who know how to target lab customers in the right ways to see the results that a business needs. We know the laboratory terrain and can develop the content that leads you to new customers or partners using social media, digital marketing, or improvement of brand messaging to better resonate with new markets.

For Clinical Laboratories Seeking to Improve their Operations. At Talking Laboratories, we build and implement laboratory strategic implementation and execution plans that will help labs convert manual effort to software automation. We apply our laboratory and laboratory IT/informatics knowledge to help you strategically evaluate your current situation, create the business case justification for automation and auto-verification with a strong ROI, as well as help you build a comprehensive lab quality management program.

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  • Strategic marketing and communications programs and content development
  • Sales enablement tools that help you empower your teams for success
  • Development of quality management program and SOP development



Digital marketing should be a key component of your marketing strategy. You want to reach and target your market using digital media to achieve your marketing goals. We scale our marketing services to best position your unique products and services. Our services can be customized to meet your changing needs to include:

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Product marketing collateral
  • Sales enablement tools
  • ROI sales tools
  • Product specifications
  • Product brochures
  • Use cases/profiles/testimonials
  • Presentations for any type of event (internal, industry)
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Position papers
  • Industry papers
  • Webinar and speaker development programs


Companies and labs often miss important opportunities for growth because they lack the skills to partner effectively with third parties. We bring three decades of experience in building business cases for lab instrument, software, hardware and services acquisitions. Let us create documentation that can help you best evaluate make-or-buy decisions, operational justifications and business development opportunities.

  • Business case
  • Purchase justifications
  • ROI calculations
  • Solution evaluations and negotiations


You know that auto-verification could be the answer to saving valuable tech time — implementing it is not something you have time or resources for at this moment. Stop putting off this vital capability that can save your lab thousands of hours of manual review and specimen handling and improves the consistency and reliability of your lab’s testing. Let us help you create an auto-verification road map plan.

  • Auto-verification implementation or tune-up plan
  • Implementation and execution plan
  • Implementation project management
  • Rules program optimization
  • Auto-verification check-up and bench marking


Who likes writing standard operating procedures (SOPs), raise your hand. Most of us put this task off as long as possible. The result? Out-of-date, inaccurate operating procedures. Let us help you get this done quickly. We simplify the process and help you keep your quality management system in tip-top shape.  

  • Process Review
  • Procedure writing
  • CAP Auto-verification inspection readiness
  • Quality management programs


Anne Tate
Anne Tate

Anne Tate, MT (ASCP), MBA, MHI, is an experienced laboratory industry professional with a deep background in the management and optimization of laboratory information. Her roles have spanned the continuum of healthcare in lab management and lab IT, as well as sales, marketing and product and quality management roles with leading companies that supply in vitro diagnostics and lab software automation. Anne’s a unique blend of clinical and IT knowledge and is fueled by her passion for laboratory informatics and software tools that enable the laboratory to achieve operational excellence.

Deb Hewitt-Smith
Deb Hewett-Smith

Deb is effective at building programs that connect the dots between customer value and business growth / retention. She is a strategic and innovative leader with proven success driving results and empowering teams in the highly competitive healthcare IT and medical device industry sectors. A strategic contributor to the accelerated growth of start-up, early stage businesses and large organization initiatives, Deb has worked in a variety of business, marketing and leadership roles that span across academic healthcare, in vitro diagnostics, lab IT and lab services organizations. 




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Deb Hewett-Smith, Partner – 520-546-1966

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